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    Well, Marshall and I arrived in St. Louis this afternoon and have checked in at the media center. Good news, we have 4 credentials in hand and lots of material to read over. Bad news, they planned on having 3 press trucks but have had to change plans to 1 press truck. While there is still some hope that we can get Marshall on the press truck, at the moment, he will not be. This does not mean that we will not have some form of live updates, though. All it means is that the updates may not be as frequent as we were hoping for.

    More will be coming later (Zeke, check your e-mail later this evening). Until then, we have running and planning to do. Looking forward to the next two days! 😀

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    You have running to do?

    Ryan, who are you trying to kid. You don’t run anymore, do you? With all the other things you have going on I figured you didn’t have time to run. 😆


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    Zeke, check your e-mail later this evening.

    I don’t currently have access to my work email from home. I’m going to pack right now and we’re leaving tomorrow morning at 6. I might be able to check here in the morning. So either post here or PM me. If not, I guess you’ll have to call my cell # or I’ll “meet you in St. Louie”. I don’t know if I’ll make it to the start at 5:30. If not, I’ll try to find you at the triangle.

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