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      The New Jersey Half Marathon

    Well, it all came together today for a great race.  Finally the weather cooperated with almost perfect conditions, a little warm, but I can't complain after how cold it has been at my last few races.  I managed to keep a really even pace throughout and finished strong.  I had the chance to tuck in behind some other guys on the few stretches where the wind was a factor, and had people pushing or pulling me most of the race.  No one who passed me stayed there, I chased each guy down and came in 6th place, 1st in the 30 – 34 age group.    Here are the splits:

    1)  6:00
    2)  5:56
    3)  6:02
    4)  6:01
    5)  5:58
    6)  6:04
    7)  6:00
    8)  6:03
    9)  6:07
    10) 5:59
    11) 6:00
    12) 5:57
    13) 5:47!
    .1) 0:32

    1:18:32, just a hair under 6 minute pace!  I could not have run any faster.  On to the summer racing season, and chemo cycle 10 starting tomorrow.


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    Tim – That is staggering…are you sure that your chemo treatments aren't manufactured by BALCO???

    Keep up the good work.  Inspirational.

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    Great job! Truly inspiring! Keep it up.

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    Wow! Great pacing and fast finish…Congrats!


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    Just want to say “OUTSTANDING”.  I'am truly inspired by your hard work and dedication. Keep it going. Ski

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    AGE GROUP!!!  good job, best thing is that you left it all on the course… stay strong through your 'next round'…

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    Awe struck and truly amazed.  Congratulations and keep up the fight. 

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    WOW  😮

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