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    No brats or beer for me post race but I did end up taking first in my age group for the 1/2 marathon yesterday.
    Chip time was 1:42:12
    257/2064 overall
    40/1,000 or so women.  Final  numbers aren't posted yet for male/female.

    It was a good experience, I wasn't sure what to expect because I've never raced a 1/2 before.  I've run two before as MP training runs and one to pace a friend to a sub 2 hour finish.
    The weather was cool, some parts were pretty windy but the miles ticked by quickly & everything felt good.
    I did use some visualization when I was running into the wind & didn't feel like I was moving, mentally had to regroup at that point.

    After the race I was drinking water and cooling down a race volunteer told me I should check the results to see if I placed in my age group. It took awhile for the computer to show the results but sure enough, I took first in the 45-49 age group.

    Instead of heading back to Point we stayed for the awards and I got a nice medal from Dick Beardsley.
    It was a good day in Green Bay.  🙂

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    Well done — so, a PR?

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    Yes, a  new PR for the 1/2.
    I might focus on that distance for the fall since I won't be training for a full marathon.

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    Good job. As the first half you actually raced, what did you think of racing that distance? Personally, I think it's one of my favorite distances.

    Nice “race” debut at that distance, definitely something to build off of.

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    It's a distance I could see as a new challenge for racing.  The short distance races are tough for me, I don't feel like I hit my stride until mile 6 or so, I'm slow to warm up.
    In training the 10-15 mile distance is one of my favorites.

    I wasn't sure about pacing for the 1/2 but with practice I can get a better handle on it.
    I like the distance, long enough to feel like you put in a good effort but not as taxing on the body as the full.

    I'll scout around for a 1/2 to race this fall, I'd like to see what I can do with specific training for the distance.

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    Nice race indeed. 

    A nice race to run in the fall is the Oktoberfest half in LaCrosse.  It's part of the festivities and is almost dead flat and it's fast.  I'm sure there are many other bigger events, but I ran it last year and it was enjoyable (except for the last few miles of course).

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    Great job. Congratulations. SKI

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