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      Today was my marathon in Green Bay and I have to say everything came together perfectly.  I was a little worried on Saturday when I picked up my race packet.  The winds were around 20 mph and the temperatures were in the low 40’s and not getting any better. 

      Tanya and I stayed with a friend about 30 minutes away, so we set the alarm clock for 5:00 and got ready.  I downed the rest of the Gatorade and had two bagels with peanut butter.  At this point I did an internal check and I was feeling good.  Even though my sleep was interrupted and I only got 6 hours I was pretty pumped for the race.

      We got up to Green Bay around 6:30, parked and walked to lambeau field.  Once we got to the gates I kissed Tanya goodbye as she was running the 5K which started 30 minutes before the marathon.  So I had an hour to relax, go to the bathroom and do my “normal” race routine.    I also figured out what I was going to wear.  The temperatures were in the upper 30’s, low 40’s, but sunny.  And the wind the day before was no around 8 miles an hour.  So I opted for shorts, my race singlet, the new arm warmers I bought (even though it’s the latest rage, was well worth the money – – – loved them) and some light gloves.

      I lined up about 10 minutes before the race and saw Chaz and Jim Gross.  We talked a bit, compared our race plans and got ready for the start of the race. 

      So, the gun goes off and Jim, Chaz and I stayed together.  We actually stayed together for about 15 miles, sometimes side by side, other times within a few feet of each other.  Which I loved!  It was good being by more seasoned marathoners who doesn’t get caught up with the early jackrabbits. 

      The first few miles I had to keep myself in check.  I felt really good, but I knew we had a long day ahead and to get caught up in the excitement wouldn’t be a good thing.  After about mile 3 we stayed with a 6:30ish pace and covered the first half of the race in 1:25:40.  Right where we all wanted to be!  Everything was clicking.  The stride was great.  The breathing was under control.  The legs still felt fresh and I was staying within my “plan”:  Nice, relaxed, Gatorade/water at every stop and a Gel ever 5 miles! 

      By mile 15 Jim and I pulled away a bit and rounded out to mile 17 together which was also the bike path portion of the race.  At this point I knew I was going to have a good day.  The pace had started to pick up and with 9 miles left I was almost there.  Heck, the next 5 miles were on a pancake bike path and after that the last 4 were in neighborhoods with a similar grade – – – nothing.  So I started to pick the pace up.  By this time I was afraid of the splits because I wasn’t sure if I could maintain the low 6:00’s I was cranking out.  But I knew that this stretch was going to be filled with spectators and also some friends and family.  Right after mile 17 I saw Jerry and his two girls.  It’s always good to have some moral support and the personal cheers.  Mile 18 Tanya and Corrie were cheering.  And then 2 more times I was able to meet up with Jerry and his girls.  The second time I saw Jerry I grabbed the Gatorade he had and chugged half of it.  A forth of it was slopped on my clothes and I dumped the other half.  And the third time I saw Jerry he gave me a gel which I didn’t need.  I also saw Tanya and Corrie one final time of the trail.  All of this cheering and extra motivation allowed me to pick off a half a dozen runners.  As they were fading I was picking up the pace.  I did talk with a guy for a little bit while on the trail.  He had the InStep indoor marathon shirt and as I approached I joked saying “thanks for the free advertising”.  He chuckled, said a few complements with my pace and said have a great finish.  I felt great at this point.  Almost like a normal “Sunday” run.

      By this time I was 2 plus hours on the course and still wearing my arms sleeves and gloves.  I was getting a little warm, but decided to keep them on.  Each time we ran into the wind it got a little chilly.  I figured I’d rather be a little warm than cold.

      Mile 22 took us off the trail and some snaking around a business district.  During this time I picked off a few more runners and then settled into what I thought my final pace was going to be; still low 6:00’s.

      Then I rounded the corner to Lambeau field.  At this point the half and the full marathons come together which is my biggest complaint of this race.  Here I am, cruising along, trying to dodge the walkers going 4 across.  The volunteers tried to tell the walkers to move to the left, but there were a couple times where I had to yell and move people out of the way.  But even worse was running into the football stadium and down the tunnel to the field.  The walkers were thrilled about being on the field where I could care less and wanted to get a PR.  A few more yells and nudging aside I made it through rounded the field and came back out the crappy tunnel I just came out of. 

      And then my moment of glee!  About a tenth of a mile to go after exiting the tunnel and the finish line.  My pace was smoking (I’ll list the splits later) and I was well above what I wanted to run.  I saw the clock at 2:46 and had that “high” again.  All of that hard work had paid off and the elation of a good race, great weather and a marathon friendly course reminded me of why I love the sport of running.

      After the race I met up with Tanya and Corrie, saw Chaz and Jim, talked with some people, shared times and stories and realized that if you set your mind to something you can achieve it.
      Overall I was 24th and the 22nd male to cross the finish line.  My chip time was 2:46:38 with a clock time of 2:46:40.  I did a negative split, again, but am a little disappointed because I could have gone faster.  I guess that will come with time as this is only my 4th marathon.  Green Bay has treated me well and I look forward to my next race.


      1 – 6:28
      2 – 6:40
      3 – 6:38
      4 – 6:33
      5 – 6:32
      6 – 6:33
      7 – 6:29
      8 – 6:30
      9 – 6:31
      10 – 6:31
      11 – 6:23
      12 – 6:22
      13 – 6:26
      14 – 6:27
      15 – 6:27
      16 – 6:14
      17 – 6:10
      18 – 6:12
      19 – 6:13
      20 – 6:07
      21 – 6:09
      22 – 6:04
      23 – 6:02
      24 – 6:12
      25 – 6:01
      26 – 5:31
      .2 – (I lost my signal coming out of the tunnel)

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      Now that is the way to run a marathon.  This experience allows you to build for a better one.  I am really happy for you.  If I had ten of you we would control the world.  You are a natural born world shaker!

      Congrats Again,

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      Nice, improvement is always encouraging.  8)

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      Stunning performance – well deserved results from hard work and patience. 

      Congratulations –

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      Nice. A 5:31 last mile? You definitely have more there. I don't know if I told you but I told a couple of people that you were in 2:45 shape based on what I was seeing from you. Good job. Now, I have to find a way to avoid you for the rest of the year or Jerry's showdown may look more like a cruel smackdown.

      It had to be great to have Chaz and Jim to run with. Every time I hear about Green Bay, I tell myself I have to get in shape and go up there for a big attempt. Sounds like a great event to put up a solid performance.

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      Great race Dana!  Those splits are ridiculous.  A strong performance at a spring marathon for a midwesterner is just a testament to your training and dedication.  Great work.  I have no doubt you'll be ready for a big PR at Lakefront.

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      Congratulations!  Thank goodness the wind died down by Sunday, it would have been wicked if the conditions were like Saturday.

      I've run the 1/2 in GB the last 4 years & that was the best weather I've experienced there.

      Very nice finish on your part, I like the lap around the field but I don't like the tunnel in & out.

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      I was a little scared when I picked up my packet on Saturday.  I knew the weather was looking to be in our favor, but based on what I was seeing on Saturday I was worried.  It would have been a long day if we ran this on Saturday. 

      As far as the lap on the field I'm not a fan.  This year was much better than last year, but I'm the grinch when it comes to this race.  I could care less about running on the field.  I'm there for my time and my race; not the photo opt. on Lambeau.  It's amazing what people hear when the volunteers are screaming “stay to the left”  and “Single file”.  That doesn't mean run 3 across with your friends.

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      Dana, you're sounding like some kind of anti-walker grinch. Don't you know that's my role? 😉

      It's too bad they can't come up with a better traffic control option than relying on people to listen to orders on the course when half of those people can't hear the orders over their iPods and most of the other half don't understand why they are being told to walk single file when there is plenty of room for walking 4 across so they ignore the orders.

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      nice race!!! congrats!

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      Inspiring race!  Those splits are incredible and worthy of envy.  Congrats!

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      Dana, Outstanding Job. Are you still wearing the Elixer's to race in? I used them Boston this year and still enjoy running in them. Again Great Job. Ski

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      Thanks.  I actually changed things up a bit.  The marathon before Green Bay I had some issues with my feet and numbness.  So I bought a pair of Riders which are a few ounces heavier.  My shorter stuff (15 and below) I trained in the Elixer's, but the longer stuff I wore the Riders.  For race day I ran in the Riders and had a good result.  So, I may have figured out the cause of my feet problem – – – just needed a few extra ounces.  At least that's what I'm telling myself 🙂

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      Poor, poor Ryan –  😉

      There is no avoiding Dana now – I'll see ya both in nine days!!

      May the fastest – win! ;D

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      Awesome race Dana!!! I must have been behind you for the first part, catching your draft!!! 😀 I decided to do something stupid and mess with my “system” – wanted to see if I indeed needed all that stuff I took in during the race (had a little nausea set in towards mile 17 last 2 races) …. man oh man did I bonk.  ;D Lost a good 4-5 minutes over the last 5 miles and almost – gulp, yes I will say it … I ALMOST WALKED!!!!! Yes, very sad when pace is no longer the issue and the need to stop is.

      I did push over a walking, IPOD wearing, half marathoner that was totally oblivious to my frantic yells that I was  “on her right!!!”  ::) I mean c'mon, walking 4 across through the tunnel and not paying attention????

      Any how great race, I hope one day I can run a nice negative split like that.  Sounds like a fantastic race!!! Congrats on getting the work done and then getting to show it off on race day. 8)

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