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    I think this is my first official race report here, but I figured I should post my recent marathon effort.  Let me start out by saying this is my second marathon with my induction being last year at Milwaukee’s Lakefront Marathon (One very warm & humid day).  I ran (sometimes walked) a 3:17 and change for my first attempt and found that the infamous “wall” was a little more than I gave it credit for.  With that being said my approach for the Green Bay Marathon was a little different.  The different aspect was mainly more training miles and throwing in a faster 5K race after a 20 mile training run (thanks Jerry and Ryan.  It helped).  From January to the current date I’ve been blessed to have workout facilities at my employer so I’ve been able to increase my mileage base from 40 a week to about 55 (some weeks are in the low 70’s while others were in the upper 40’s).    This turned into a good race day in Green Bay.  Two weeks prior I had done a 20 miler at a 7:00 pace (10 with a short break and then another 10).  After this run I had some pep left in my step and figured I should be able to break the 3:00 hour barrier.  The day before the race I mapped out my plan of attack and focused on doing negative splits.  I wanted to do the first 4 miles at 7:10, then next 3 at 7:00, the next 3 at 6:50 and finish with 6:45’s.  This planning would get me in under the 3 hour mark with a few seconds to spare. 

    At the start of the race I had to keep myself in check to stay above 7:00.  It was a challenge as I watched the ½ marathoners going out quickly and my natural instinct to keep up with them took over.  But knowing that I was going for a specific result I held back and kept my focus.  After each of the mile markers I was a few seconds ahead of my planed pace, but everything was clicking so I just went with it.  So I ran the miles 5 to 10 seconds faster than I planned, but not fast enough to not have anything in the tank for the end.

    Without re-writing War and Peace the race went better than expected.  The wind was a little bit of a challenge and the course had a few tight switch backs, but all-in-all it was a race friendly course.  The wall never hit, my spirits never died and I passed a dozen or so people in the last 6 miles of the race; and the only person that passed me after mile 20 was one of dozen that I passed.  My chip time was 2:57:09 (2 and ½ minutes faster than expected).  And to top it all off I still had some left in the tank (which I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t leave it on the course, but I was able to mow my lawn that night :).

    Overall it was a good day to run with a better than expected result (Thanks for the cheers and extra gel Jerry)

    Mile 5 – 34:58
    Mile 10 – 1:09:25
    Mile 13.1 – 1:30:05
    Mile 15 – 1:42:38
    Mile 20 – 2:16:05
    Mile 26.2 – 2:57:09

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    Outstanding work. Congrats on a super marathon. Sub 3, all your hard work produce the results you were looking for. Keep up the great work. Best always, Ski

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    Dana, good job executing. At least a couple of us knew you were capable of that, based on how well you did that 20+5K and how effortlessly you handled that 20 miler 2 weeks later. If you want it, I think you're a sub-2:50 marathoner before the end of the year.

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    WI MTP

    You Rock!

    A conservatively run race by a few minutes.  Hopefully this gives you a ton of confidence for future endeavors – Soon I will be  ready a su b 2:50 race report!

    Recover well

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    you ran the second half 3 minutes faster???!!!  Not to mention that the wind is no doubt a factor from 17-22. 

    Big congrats!!!!

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    Well done on the PR  8)

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    WOW… a huge PR, well under 3 hours AND you mowed you lawn that night… 😮 ;D… impressive, and inspiring…obivously the extra miles agreed with you…good job!

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    planning a negative split is smart…executing a negative split is genius


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    Wow, what a great effort congrats!

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    Congrats on a huge PR, sub 3, 3min negative split!! :o, and a well executed race plan!!!! I can't wait to see what is up next.

    I heard it was really windy towards the end, you must have been really strong through those last miles.

    Nicely done. 🙂

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