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    Hey all, I am gearing up for my half in October and have been following Pfitz 12/55 marathon schedule. I asked for advice about his a few months back and now I am looking for specific ideas on a particular workout. In 2 weeks I am supposed to do a 15w/12 @marathon pace. For the half, is there another workout that might be more beneficial for me at this point. I have been doing tempo workouts @ 15k pace. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Good luck to everybody with the heat this weekend, Im doing 18 on sunday 😯 maybe it will cool down a bit by then, Thanks


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    A long race pace workout, perhaps? That is what an MP run is for the marathon, after all.

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    I have to agree with GTF. Why not 6-7 at half marathon pace? Add in a warmup and cooldown of a mile or two each and I’d say you have a good workout.

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