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    Hi everyone, I hope I can get some help with my current situation.

    Because of my occupation I am not able to follow standard programs day by day. Right now I am training for a half marathon on Apr 30.

    I am building my base right now which includes a long run of 13 miles and 1 short tempo run of 3 miles. The rest is easy running totalling 43 mpw(my highest ever). I will be able to maintain this for about 8 weeks and then my job starts to get very busy.

    For the next 7 weeks after that(early Jan-end Feb) I will be averaging 15 hr days 6 days a week and figure I will be able to cover 20-25 mpw during that time. I also have a family to look after so it will be extremly difficult.

    My first question is how should I train during these 7 weeks?

    March and April will alow me to return to normal training again, but what should my key runs be? (i.e. speedwork, tempos, long run distance?). Should I go back to base training for another month? I’ve never trained specifically for a half marathon before.

    I should mention that I have run one half marathon 5 years ago in 1:43, but have improved my speed since then. My goal is a sub 1:30 half, a realistic goal as I’m basing it off a 39:37 10k last year. Thanks for reading and hope you can help.

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    It would depend, at least in part, on one’s training background. Based just on what has been posted so far, finding a race with a later date might be more ideal.

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    I have to agree with GTF. If you can’t get in the training, there’s not much you can do but wait until you can get in the training.

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    I wish I could plan one at a later date, but my schedule picks up again on May2 and carries on to mid Jul. My schedule basically continues like this all year. Until I move positions with my present job, I pretty much have to work with what I have.

    Besides suggesting a run on a later date, what would you guys reccomend with the current schedule I have right now? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.

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    The only other thing I can suggest is setting your goals appropriately. If you can’t get in the training, you can’t expect the results.

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    I do not know what others think about this but at least keep the base mileage up there. I would worry less about the extras and keep a slightly faster pace for just plain mileage.

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    I think this strategy works with varying degrees of success depending on the individual and the event your training for.

    A friend of mine whom I have a great deal of respect, explained to me how he’ll turn on the intinsity for 3 minute bursts, 3 or 4 times during the course of a 20 minute run. This can maximize your workout when your time constrained. I wouldn’t do it everyday but I would think about upping the quantity of higher intensity workouts.

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