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    Over the last 3-4 years I’ve experienced cramping in my hamstrings in races [never in training] but only on the downhill portion of a hill. It doesn’t seem to matter how great the decline or the frequency of them [or uphills] in the race.

    Of course, I’ve made sure I’m fully hydrated, eat bananas and doing some hamstring curls, working the negative has helped, but I can’t figure this out. Just recently I had a bad attack just getting out of my car, so it either is getting worse or isn’t entirely related to running.

    Thanks in advance. MikE

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    How often do you encounter downhill running in training?

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    When I do hillwork I try to “work” the hill to simulate the condition I find in races. Of course, even hard efforts don’t mirror my race efforts – it’s just another element I’m working on to reduce the occurance in races. The odd thing is that it has happened on relatively flat courses, on the slightest of declines. I’ve run for 33 years but have only been bothered periodically by the condition for the last 3-4 years. I’m going to focus more on strenghtening / stretching and look into mineral suppliments. In May I’m doing the FlyingPig marathon which has a lot of ups and downs, and if I run into trouble there I’ll seek professional help. I don’t know, maybe my stride is putting additional strain on my hamstrings. Something like a gait analysis could reveal. I need to get this under control before my BQ in Columbus this October.


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    so why are you thinking that waiting till AFTER the Pig to get a gait analysis? you already seem convinced that you have an issue with the down hills in races… wouldn’t it be better to get it checked out and test the “fix” at the Pig, thus giving you an extra race before you fall target race?

    do you have access to a coach who can watch you in a downhill race situation? or get someone to video tape a race? start working on the solution…

    my 2 cents… is that is might be a cummulative issue given your many successful years of running and recent attack “just getting out of the car”… I have a massage therapist & she has solved several small issues and had me add some new stretches into my routine… hey, we’re not 19 anymore… good luck, I’m interested in how you resolve this…


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    Good question. My doctor’s clinic is still setting up their gait analysis, if they get the bugs worked out I’ll get it checked out. Always wanted to have it done. I’m also doing three races [20k/half/15m] in WV so I’ll get plenty of opportunity to test myself beforehand.

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