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    I’ve been emailing back and forth a little with one of the Hanson runners. In my last email I asked him if the Hansons use any training gadgets. Here’s his response: (disregard the IT Band thing)

    “No, we don’t use any running gadgets. We just run hard. Very hard.

    Keep stretching that IT band, and keep getting plenty of rest.”


    Pretty cut and dry if you ask me.


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    And you are pretty sensible, if you ask me. 😉

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    Jeff wrote:
    No, we don’t use any running gadgets. We just run hard. Very hard.

    Sounds kind of similar to reports I’ve heard from other training groups you hear about. Then again, what do those training groups from far away places like the Rift Valley have to do with American running?

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    Perhaps they should look into the more scientific, Kenyan method and they too could be better than the average woman Kenyan.

    From Marius Bakken

    Kenyan Training System

    During the last decades the East African runners, especially the Kenyans, have dominated the world of running. One question that arises is what makes these Kenyans so successful. Several factors may play a role, but the most important may be the genetic endowment in combination with intense training at moderate altitude (2000-2600 m.a.s.l.). However, this section gives only a short schematic description of their middle- and long distance training. These data are obtained from the daily training and from laboratory facilities.

    Measurements of the VO2 uptake during different type of training and lab tests

    Measurements of the HR during different type of training and lab tests

    Measurement of blood lactate during different type of training and lab tests

    Analysis of biopsy samples during different type of training and lab tests

    Analysis of other blood parameters related both to sea and altitude training

    Shortly, the results form our study suggests that most of the basic training carried out by the Kenyans consists of exercise close to lactate threshold (90% of VO2max). Our biopsy data support that exercise related to lactate threshold both at moderate altitude (2000-2600m.a.s.l.), and at sea level is very effective to improve the performance in already well trained elite runners and cross-country skiers, compared to controls carrying out training far under and above the lactate threshold (Evertsen et al, 1997, 2000a, 2000b, and unpublished data obtained between 1991-2000). No changes were found in the VO2max, but the performance at lactate threshold and the performance were increased significantly. These changes in physiological feature and in performance were significantly higher compared to controls. Less positive correlations were found between the biopsy data and the performance.

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    Someone came along and wanted to know how the Kenyans train, so they hooked some up to all of those tests. Where does it say that the Kenyans use all of these things to train when they are not being tested by people who want to understand their training? Those who have actually been to the Kenyan training camps have never even mentioned the availability of such testing equipment at these camps. Unless you believe they have this equipment hidden away somewhere in the mountains or that everyone who has been to their training camps has been convinced to lie about all the high tech equipment they are using, it’s pretty naive to think they do the things listed on a regular basis.

    It’s also interesting that the study found that much of their training occurs close to their lactate threshold (neither at nor well below, as all I have seen who believe in following science suggest doing and sounds a lot like “We just run hard. Very hard.”). You are right, though. Perhaps Americans should look into the less scientific Kenyan method and they too could be better than the average female Kenyan. As for the Hansons, a fair amount of their group is already better than the best female Kenyan, something few other American training groups can claim.

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    Ryan, you can be so damn ornery sometimes, I swear . . . when will you ever wise up to the fact that all top Americans train exactly the same way, and that this training method is really quite different from, and entirely inferior to, the training method of the top Kenyans, who also all train exactly the same way. Just because Toby Tanser spent so much time and effort investigating and detailing how various top Kenyan runners train does not mean that they collectively did not pull the proverbial wool over his eyes and were able to trick him into writing a whole book of fabrications — not to mention that though all this was kept hidden from Tanser, the Kenyans, en masse, let Marius Bakken in on their dirty little secret so he could reveal it to the world via his website.

    So what if more than one (in fact, at least three) of the Hanson’s runners can beat Ndereba and get to the Olympic trials marathon, even though only one from Nike’s Oregon Project has been able to, what is that supposed to mean? Hmm??


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    ..then why don’t u train that way and kick everyone’s butts????

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    denton wrote:
    ..then why don’t u train that way and kick everyone’s butts????

    In many ways, over the years, my training has been gravitating in that direction. I am also kicking the butts of many guys who could kick my butt without even trying in the past.

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