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    I think the heat is starting to have an accumulative effect on me.  My paces are slowing and it feels like the same effort even thouogh I know it is not.  I am hydrating like crazy all day and night drinking 80-100 ounces of water/ gatorade.  I don't think this is a hydration issue so what else could it be?

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    …it feels like the same effort even thouogh I know it is not.

    Don't make that mistake. It is the same effort, if not a greater effort.

    As for why it's happening, there are a number of reasons, many out of our control. From blood being diverted to the skin to aid in cooling to subconscious innate reactions that protect us from serious heat injuries.

    Don't fight this. Don't try to push through to hit paces. This is why I always stress effort. Paces will fall off, heart rates will sometimes act funny. If you know your effort levels, you will always be able to hit the correct effort for the workout. Your times will come back when it cools off but only if you don't try to do too much right now.

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    I have run a 10k on July 4 in the town I live in 6 times in the last 12 years. The race always starts at 8:30 am, and the weather is usually warm. 12 years ago with temps in the mid 80s I ran the 1st 5k in about 19 min and the 2nd 5k 6-7 minutes slower. A couple hours after the race I had a mild bout of heat stress, after drinking 2 qts of liquids. Moral of the story is exactly what Ryan states: Listen to your body and do not overdo it. The heat can easily stress you if you push too hard. But slow workouts in July can still pay dividends in the fall.

    On a related note, even though I'm about 4 weeks away from being able to start running again and chomping at the bit, I did not feel bad at all missing the 10k yesterday. My 40 minute bike ride was bad enough, and I was home before 9. Cannot imagine those who raced when the heat index was 95 @ 9:00 am.

    Be careful out there…

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    Thanks guys,  I have got to keep that in mind.  I am not pushing hard – just pushing a bit so that I know I had a workout versus a long trot.  I am not feeling exhausted just a bit tired.  I'll likely slow it down a tad more tomorrow morning.  I just miss the feeling of that 7:30-7:45 pace – it feels so good and so right.

    I'll second that notion for all who read this – Be Careful out there.

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    Especially in the kind of heatwave we're having, a few long trots aren't going to hurt anything.

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    With the combination of the extreme heat, the stress of directing a road race during extreme heat, and a few minor nags I took 4 days  off from running.  Today was a fresh start to training for a fall half.  I used to never take time off from running but I have learned that a few days off when needed might help me more than hinder me.

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    I second the motion to go by effort and not the clock. Pace and to some degree mileage will be affected in the Summer heat. I find it helpful to reduce long intervals and stamina workouts when it's boiling outdoors and opt for shorter, faster workouts to minimize or reduce the adverse effect. I also find that by coping with these tough conditions will have a similar effect as a inter-cooler for an engine when milder weather arrives.

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