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    Iv'e been running a few years now, mostly in the evening, or at night, always when it's dark outside, and I have found out that I have a big problem with heat, when ever the sun is out and I try to run, or train in any way, My energy is totally drained within minutes, I feel weakness in my entire body, Feel powerless, and my performance drop very drastically.

    I understand most of us perform worse under the sun, and strong heat affects everyone's performance, but mine is always affected much more than others, and my performance drop by too much. I know my self and I can feel it.

    Iv'e been trying to get out and run in the heat once or twice in a week in the past few months, but It doesn't get any better, My performance is dropped by 50% at least, every run and every thing I try to do in the heat, the sun killes me.

    this issue is important for me because I have a pre-army camp coming up in a few weeks and the activity there is under the sun all the time. and I don't know what to do… because I got my self in good shape and my results are great for me, but whenever I try to do my workouts under the sun, it beats the crap out of me.

    I understand there isn't much to be done now.. but if anyone has any suggestion that might, even by a bit, make my energy drop slower and get me performing under the sun as close as possible to my actual ability, I would appreciate that.


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    Well, this is tough. There's not a ton you can do in just 3 weeks and some people just struggle in the heat with no way around it.

    However, it does take about 2 weeks of focused work to acclimate to the heat. In my opinion, the best thing you could do at this point is to start doing all of your runs during roughly the same time of the day as you will be doing them at the camp. While this may not yield great results, it will probably give you the best results you can hope for. Go all in, though. To acclimate to the heat, you have to consistently deal with the heat.

    While doing this, of course, make sure you are hydrating and fueling yourself well. You're not going to benefit from doing this if a higher sweat rate leads to dehydration.

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