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    I currently use and love my RCA Lyra 1080 mp3 player when I’m running. Trouble is the arm band. The way it’s designed, it keeps loosening on my arm unless I over-tighten it. I was hoping to find something somewhere to replace just the armband itself, not the little pouch which is custom fit for the unit.

    Something elastic, easily adjustable with one hand, but holds it’s

    adjustments. Perhaps with that sticky rubbery zig-zag stuff on the inside

    that you see in the waist bands of some shorts that would prevent it from

    slipping down your wet sweaty arms.



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    When I first started running, I used a clunky walkman and just held it in my left hand. Eventually I decided I wanted to burn MP3s so I got s discman, and still held it in my left hand the whole time. Finally I broke down and got an MP3 player. I think the years of walkmans/discmans gave me the kind of strength/endurance where I just don’t notice the MP3 player anymore, it feels like nothing.

    So, my suggestion would be either holding it (easier to switch tracks and volume with) or just pocket it. I can’t think of any way that an armband wouldn’t slide down your arm somehow.

    Of course, there’s always duct tape. 😛

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