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    this isn’t flame bait- i do have some sort of a base established. i just finished Boston in 3:21:10. I slacked way off for the last 6 miles to preserve my legs for a marathon on July 11th. So, starting next week that gives me 8 weeks of training and a two week taper. I want to get back to sub-3 condition. My training for Boston was laclustre and I suffered from motivational and other problems. No speed or hillwork at all.

    So, now I plan to do alternating weekly long runs of 17 and 22 miles. that will give me 4 22 milers. I was going to do 4 weeks of hill training, starting with 10 x 400m and building to 6 x 1k up a 9% grade. Followed by 4 weeks of Daniels’s type tempo interval workouts with a few MP runs thrown in for good measure.

    There aren’t any hills in the marathon I’ll be doing, do you reckon I should do fewer hill workouts and do more intervals?

    I’ve done something similar to this once before. After a marathon in which I totally bonked in the last 6 miles I just concentrated on upping the miles (did 4 weeks @ 100) and then 12 weeks later I set a PR. Hopefully I can get close once again.

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    If you’re working off of a good base, this can actually be nearly an ideal schedule. In fact, some people would consider it perfect as long as your base is already established.

    As for what I would do, I’d work in two workouts a week at this point and make those 17 milers into MP workouts. During the first 4 weeks, I would focus on hill repeats. I prefer half mile repeats but you have to work with what’s available and what you know works well for you. I would also have a secondary workout of a tempo run followed by strides. During the next 4 weeks, I would have a primary workout of either a tempo run with strides or the tempo intervals you mention, again with strides at the end. My secondary workout would be a fartlek focusing more on 3k to 5k race pace running.

    Of course, these are just general ideas of what I would go for. It of course doesn’t mean it would work for everyone and it should be obvious that this kind of schedule would assume entering the plan with a solid base.

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    With regard to the idea of doing less hill work because your marathon course will not have many hills, I always have felt that hill work is important for promoting overall leg strength – not just so that you can run hills better. By conditioning overall leg muscle groups you will have more muscle groups upon which to draw on in the later stages of the race when your form tends to break down – even if the terrain is flat.

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    Don’t disagree w/ Birkie runner.

    Personally, I don’t hill train for flat marathons. I concentrate on running a lot at racing speed for flat marathons. Possibly this is why I suck.

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    Double wrote:
    Personally, I don’t hill train for flat marathons. I concentrate on running a lot at racing speed for flat marathons.

    But how often do you run the various trails in and around the Kettle Moraine/Lapham Peak area? You may not be specifically doing hill repeats but you’re running more hills than most runners.

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    I typically don’t hit the trails at all in the summer. That is more of a late November to May thing for me. Besides, where I’m from, Wisconsin is basically flat.

    Hills are great, but given a certain set of variables, I generally choose the least path of resistance for training. Believe it or not, I am somewhat anal in how I train once the plan is set in motion.

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    It gives me a little more confidence in my plan. I’ll see how I go on the hills and if I find the downhills are pounding my legs too much I might switch to track reps. When I did a fair bit of hill training last year it made me strong and fast. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out exactly how fast because I got injured (did a stupid 10K race).

    I’m hoping that with a plan in place I’ll stick to it, unlike my wishy-washy Boston build-up.

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