Hey Randy, How’d the 18 miler go?

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    How was the abdominal pain? Were you able to finish?


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    It went really well. The weather helped a lot! It was mid 40’s, overcast, low winds, just about perfect for a long run. In the morning I’ll be doing 9 in the rain. I’m glad I switched these 2 runs around. I don’t mind running in the rain but if I have a choice would rather do the shorter run that way.

    I ran the first 6 somewhat slower than usual to see if the discomfort would diminish and make sure I felt good. After that the only reminder that anything was unusual was the feeling that I needed to urinate. This lasted throughout the run.

    Maybe its a bladder infection, or maybe I bruised my bladder. I plan to see my doctor about it during the week. I doubt its running related (unless it’s a bruise), perhaps I’m even lucky that I feel discomfort while running otherwise I may not have decided to get it checked this soon.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Looks like the cold weather will be here in a few days (I’m in the north east). Can’t complain too much. It was pretty mild most of December.


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    That’s good to hear.

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