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    Hi there,

    I’m recently joined the forums earlier this afternoon after stumbling into this website. I’m a 21 year old male doing this running thing for a little over 5 years now. I started running through cross country in high school though I’m not running collegiately (I train mostly on my own). I was running on and off since high school and didn’t start training seriously until late 2002 when I ran my 1st 10k road race. Got injured with a stress fracture in 2003 and resumed regular training again in 2004 where I made big improvements. I worked hard in building a good base last year and the hard work paid off… I started running halfs last year and improved from a 1:37 for my 1st one down to a 1:27 last November. Also succeeded in breaking 40 for the 10k. My goal this year is to run my 1st marathon sometime in October and I’m currently putting in a 5 month base training period before starting the actual program in the summer. My next race is the Vancouver Half on May 1…it will be a benchmark to see where I’m at…a 1:24-1:25 would be nice… My goals this year are to hit 1:20 for the half, 36 min for the 10k, and a BQ for the marathon… Anyways I’m looking forward in getting to know you guys better…This looks like a great site!


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    Tim, welcome to the site. It sounds like your times and your goals put you right about in line with a number of people around here.

    It sounds like you are on the right track with things. Personally, I would normally suggest waiting a bit longer for the long races but at least you are understanding the importance of base and doing more than just playing lip service to it. You obviously know more than many first-time marathoners about what it takes to succeed. I hope you find this site useful or at least entertaining in some way.

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    Welcome – this is a great site. I enjoy it here and post on a daily basis. I do a lot of questioning as I am a very inexperienced runner. I do throw ideas out there as well – but take those with a grain of salt. Any way – stop by daily we have fun and share a wealth of knowledge. We have forumites ranging in many different paces and distances. We have a couple of Ultra runners – they are amazing! Any way – enjoy.

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