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    I am planning on building a 10 week aerobic base. right now i am just beginning week 7. My question is……Would it be ok to throw in 2-3 minute hill repeats (at a controlled pace) twice a week? Would this have negative affects on my base building? I have read that hill work can be done all year round and provides a great workout that is easy on your legs.

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    Hills are our friends! Go for it!

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    I would stick with once a week. Your long run would be your other hard workout for the week.

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    I would not be too concerned about doing such a thing as long as you didn’t finish your hill workouts laying on the ground gasping for air and the workouts didn’t negatively affect your base building.

    That said, remember what base phase is for. There is a strength phase following base phase that is meant for hill training. By doing hill repeats in the final few weeks of base phase, you should be at least a little careful to not end up starting your strength phase a few weeks early.

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    No, it is not recommended — especially since so little time will be devoted to developing an aerobic base; any anaerobic work (yes, focussed hillwork will be anaerobic) done will just compromise it further. Running hilly courses during the base period is fine, and in fact is recommended, but doing something of 120-180″ length for several bouts up a hill in the context of a workout is both unnecessary and quite potentially counterproductive in the long run. The workouts will come along in their due time, rushing things could muck up the works.

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    Are fartlek workouts of 5:00 minute on 5 minute off at Tempo pace anaerobic? I have not done any hill repeats but there were some weeks where i did do fartlek type workouts(5 minute repeats) but at an easy hard pace (hard aerobic). I am never huffing and puffing during this workout. Yeah i think i dont need to do hill repeats all of my aerobic runs contain alot of hills anyway but is there anything wrong with doing fartlek/tempo runs? In order for me to run a 4:20 mile this season I would think this would be necessary 1-2 times a week. What do you guys think??

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    Hey buddy, if I had 4:20 mile potential I’d be looking for advice from a coach that could assist me in the matter. People who tend to go it alone, especially in the HS/College range tend to overtrain or peak at the wrong time. Just my two cents. Not saying you will, but you want to run that 4:20 in the spring right?

    Once I start any anaerobic type work (hills, track, fartlek, tempo, etc.) I know I am headed down the slippery slope. Rare is the person that can achieve maximum peak performance two times in a year. It’s a tough nut to swallow, so few do.

    Make it happen!

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    I’m getting a sense that you might be in school. If so, the best source of training advice is your coach. Your coach will know what you are doing in season and what kind of out of season training would work best to maximize your training.

    The only other thing I would say is high schoolers especially tend to do a lot of hard stuff in season. You need some point where you forget about the hard stuff and just log a lot of miles. Without the latter, the former will not be as beneficial and will be much more risky.

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    Yes i am a junior in high school. I will keep trying to contact my coach. It takes a while for his replies. As for the season I will do my best to hit that 4:20. Thank you all for all of your input. Oh and happy new year!!!

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    Manwich5, consider picking up Daniels Running Rormula. If you can’t get attention from your coach, there is lots of sound advice in this book that is targeted at high school and college competitive runners.

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