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    I guess most of you don’t know that I’m just now coming back from a 10 day lay off from a hip injury. I’m supposed to run G-ma’s on June 19th. My training was going great (Daniels marathon A). Injured my hip and now I’m slowly trying to return.

    O.K., so now I’m thinking about running Grandma’s as an “experience” marathon. The 10 days off, and not to mention coming back from injury, kind of screwed me from hitting my goal(s).

    I have a running friend here that has numerous (including 2 Bostons) marathons under his belt and we sat down tonight and revamped my schedule.

    To date I have run 2- 15 milers as my long runs. One of them was a TLT run (tempo, run long, tempo for 15 miles). We were having a tough time fitting a 20 miler in here. We can’t see where I could get 2- 20 milers in with the time I have left.

    I guess our goal here is to get me to the start line healthy. I was shooting for a 3:30 as a goal. My friend doesn’t think I can hit now. I wish I could get another 20 in there but given the fact that I only have a 15 as my longest run to date, I just can’t see where we could do it different AND KEEP ME HEALTY. We added another rest day per week giving me 2 now instead of one.

    Here’s what we came up with:

    Week 1= 28 miles (first week back)

    Mon- 5 Tue, Rest Wed, 6 Thurs, 5 Fri, Rest Sat, Rest Sun 12 easy

    Week 2= 35 miles

    Mon, Rest Tues, 5 Wed, 6 Thurs, 5 Fri, 5 Sat, Rest Sun, 14 easy

    Week 3= 40 miles

    Mon, Rest Tues, 5 Wed, 6 Thurs, 8 Fri, 5 Sat, Rest Sun, 16 easy

    Week 4= 28 miles

    Mon, Rest Tues, 4 Wed, 4 Thurs, Rest Fri, 4 Sat, 4 Sun, 10 or 12 easy

    Week 5= 45 miles

    Mon, Rest Tues, 5 Wed, 6 Thurs, 9 Fri, 5 Sat, Rest Sun, 20 easy

    Week 6= 34 miles

    Mon, Rest Tues, 4 Wed, 5 Thurs, 4 Fri, 5 Sat, Rest Sun, 12 @pace

    Week 7= 20 miles

    Mon, Rest Tues, 4 Wed, 4 Thurs, Rest Fri, 4 Sat, Rest Sun 10 at pace?

    Week 8= Race week

    Mon, Rest Tues, 4 Wed, 3 Thurs, Rest, Fri, Rest Sat, 2 Sun, RACE

    Like I said before, I’m using this race for experience. I actually thought about ditching it all together but we decide we could probably salvage it for something. Oh yeah, I’m ditching that 1/2 I was going to run on the 15th. If I ran it I don’t think I could fit a 20 miler in here anywhere.

    Thoughts, comments?


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    I guess it all depends on how my hip is feeling but now that I’m looking at this again I wonder if I shouldn’t try to do long run like this in order to get 2- 20 milers in there:

    Week 1= 14

    week 2= 16

    week 3= 20

    week 4= 12

    week 5= 20

    week 6= 12 mp

    week 7= 10

    week 8= race

    I’m not sure I would be able to run 14 this Sunday. I may shoot for 12 and if it’s feeling good, go for 14.

    Should I do a 3 week taper or a 2 week taper? What’s best?


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    To date I have run 2- 15 milers as my long runs.


    If you are 7 weeks from your marathon and you’ve only run two 15-milers, I’d say your goal was out the window before the hip injury. Like Double says, to run a good marathon you have to get to the point where you can run a 20 miler at the drop of a hat.

    That doesn’t mean that you can’t still get something out of Gma’s. It just means you gotta adjust your goal. It sounds like you’ve already done that.

    I’m curious what your weekly mileage has been like so far. It’s hard to comment on your schedule without knowing it. My answer will be different if you’ve been runner 40 mpw vs. 60 mpw. However, my first initial reaction is that you are building back up too slowly. The build-up you outlined is something I’d do if I was just getting back into the swing of things. You already have a fairly solid base. 10 days off is really nothing. Leading up to Boston I took 8 days off because of my achilles. I went from 0 to 19 to 55 to 64.

    I also think you are ramping up your long run too slowly. You’ve already done two 15 milers, why are you going 12, 14, 16? Then you’re going to jump from 16 to 20? I’d say make bigger jumps early because your body is already used to that mileage, then make a smaller leap to 20.

    Finally, here’s a great marathon workout. 3-4 mile warmup, half marathon at goal marathon pace, 3-4 mile cooldown for 20 mile run. No need to skip the May 15th race. If you’re not up to 20 by then, just adjust your warmup and cooldown.

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    Thanks, Zeke.

    My mileage up to my 10 days off went like this:


    Injured my hip during the 15 mile TLT run. Put the “icing on the cake” a week later on a 12 mile pace run. Took 10 days off. Notice I hurt my hip during intense training.

    Reason I’m ramping up slowly I guess is because I don’t want to reinjur my hip. I cut ALL speed work since this is where I injured it in the first place. I guess I was using the slow ramp up as a healing time too. I think this Sunday’s long run will tell me a lot and what I think my hip will handle.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I see where you’re coming from, Zeke, but I’m not 100% sure my hip is 100% healed. I don’t know what it can handle at this point. I would love to continue where I left off.

    BTW, my goal was a conservative 3:30 (8 min pace) I would have hit it if I would have stayed on track. I still might.

    Please tell me what you think.


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    I agree with Zeke on both accounts. You can probably at least jump up to 40-50 mpw fairly quickly. See the Daniels book for information on coming back from injury. He has a section devoted to that.

    The one thing that really stuck out in my mind were the long runs, which Zeke also mentioned. You have already done 15 but you are building up very gradually to around that level before jumping 4 miles? I would suggest going the other way around. You have already done 15, so getting back up to the 14-16 mile range should be pretty easy. Getting from 16 to 20, a place you haven’t been yet, will be much harder so give yourself more time for that.

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    Nice. Lots of 40-50 mile weeks in there. I stand by my original statement – 40-45 mpw in a week or two should not be a problem.

    I think you have 2 choices.

    1) Take things easy, stay healthy and run Gma’s for the experience.

    2) Ramp it up and test the hip. If it doesn’t act up, that’s great. Run Gma’s hard. If it flares up again. Bag the marathon and focus on getting healthy.

    BTW, my goal was a conservative 3:30 (8 min pace) I would have hit it if I would have stayed on track. I still might.

    3:30 may be conservative, however you still have to get in the training. If you go into the race with a minimum number of long runs, I can guarantee that 8:00 pace will not be easy after 20 miles.

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    Jeff, I read about this injury dilemma. 7 weeks out, there is time to get your goal and 2-20 milers, no problem. Just run them slower than you planned and then 2 weeks out run about 18 at about 8:30-8:40 pace. 2 week taper. Go out at 8’s and feel so good at the half your gone from there. Running longer ain’t the problem if you run it slower bud. I’ve been training for Ice Age. Hey, I’ve put in 10 runs of 20-28 and two at 31 and 34 in the past ten weeks. I feel good. I ran them slow and lately I’ve just gotten stronger. If you want additional feedback, info experiences, etc email me at [email protected], get me your phone and I could drop you a call on weekens free from my cell. Good luck PSKI

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