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    For those of you who read or posted occasionally on Merv, hmrunner passed away yesterday from cancer. It had been a long fight. She leaves a husband and small son. Bless her wherever she is at. And please look after her child.

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    I heard about this yesterday. She was such an inspirational person. The way she kept her running up through all of this, I have to assume running was an outlet for her.

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    An added comment: hmrunner (Hope Machedon) ran 80 mile weeks even while undergoing chemo.She kept this up even when the doctors declared her terminal. One tough lady. I believe her marathon pr was around 2:54. I believe that she would have dropped that pr substantially if she had been able to train under full strength. She was still somewhat a beginner in running. She had only run, while healthy, a very few years when cancer came knocking at the door. She fought it, with running, to the very end.

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    Great inspiration to us all.

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    Hope was so dedicated to her loves in life…her family, running, music. She was such a wonderful mom and was so determined to win the fight with cancer. She will be remembered fondly by many. I sure have some fond memories of my cousin…

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    It must have been something special to be able to see Hope’s will and determination, even through something that would have had most “mere mortals” put their lives on hold, up close and personal. I never even got to meet her in person but that determination was incredibly inspirational. I remember about 2-3 years ago I believe that some of us passed around a card for Hope when her prognosis wasn’t so good and I wrote in there something about how she was an inspiration to more people than she would ever know. She probably didn’t even recognize my name but I wanted to speak up representing the many runners who could look at her keeping her running up through the most difficult of times and drew upon that when we were trying to keep our running up through less difficult points in time.

    I hope it brings some comfort to you and your family to know how many people have and still do draw inspiration from Hope’s fight.

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    Thanks for the words about my sister Hope. I just wanted to let you know that Hope had framed the card you are referring to…from the “Fuggins”! It had a prized place in her Rec Room. When I was just at her house a week ago I re-read all the well wishes…

    Thank you, my sister WAS inspirational to so many. I’m planning a road race in her memory this fall, place and date to be determined. I’m shooting for 1/2 marathon or 10K in Princeton NJ this fall. She hated the 10K becuase it was “sheer brutal hell”. Seems appropriate to me, since she was so incredibly tough!


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