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    I’m curious to what you guys do the day after your long run.

    I ran my long run today (7 miles) and wondering if I should kick back tomorrow and run 2 or 3 or should I go for 5.

    Btw the hip felt fine. Cold run though. 2 degrees -4 with the wind chill. I looked like a snow man when I got back with all the frost on my hat and face mask not to mention my legs.



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    Can I be vague and say as far as you feel like going?

    Really, a lot of it comes down to what you are ready for. I remember last year going longer in 2 runs the day after a long run than I went on the long run itself. I also remember points in time where I didn’t feel like I could run at all the day after the long run.

    What I would say is start running tomorrow, warm up, then decide how far to go. I know I always like running the day after a long run to loosen up the legs. Beyond that, you have to decide how far is right for you at your current fitness level.

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    Thank you much. Sounds like it makes sence.


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