How significant can weather conditions affect running times?

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    I’m just wondering what people’s experience of this is.

    I get up at 5.30am to run most mornings, before I go to work. I have been doing training runs of anything between 4miles and 6 miles on most mornings. Hilly runs because of the area where I live, which is great for endurance. However, the temperature most be around 8 degrees celsius, or perhaps 10 deg celsius for most training runs.

    This sunday morning, I did a 10k in run in Beverley,East Yorkshire. My training runs have been around 52 mins, so I was expecting a time of between 45mins and 50 mins on the day.

    However, the time came in at 54mins 52 (so just under 55 mins, but not special). What are your thoughts on race times and the heat factor/acclimatising?

    BTW, I’m white and fair skinned and don’t seem to handle heat/ hot climate that well!!! 😆

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    Evets Sberk

    Ok so I live west of Denver in the foothills where its almost always relatively cool in the mornings. Once I signed up for a marathon that turned into an inferno. Start time it was 80F and when I ran past a bank at mile 20 the temp read 101F. Needless to say I almost spontaneously cumbusted and was glad to finish at all. My time was a good 15 min slower than I should have run. Whats interesting is that when I lived in Virginia and it was routinely stinking hot it didnt seem to bother me much even on long runs. Pale faced nonpigmented types like us can acclimate but it takes time…..weeks at least.

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    Heat will always slow you down, but it is most significant in longer races. I’ve gutted out decent 5K’s in some serious heat, but even those probably would have been faster in colder conditions. 10K and up seem to really slow down when its too hot, especially when you havent trained in it much. Your only options are to try to train more often in the heat and get more acclimated or to just accept that you’re not going to be as fast and just factor it in. Heat sucks, but sometimes you have to run anyway.

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    Hey, JCWrs, I lived in Tulsa for 23 years. Last spring when I ran 7 miles at Riverparks in 73 degrees, I just about gave up. I’ve lived in AK now for 5 years, and what a difference acclimation has made. I took my jacket off and ran in a tank at 46 degrees and rainy yesterday! Years ago, I would have worn pants, gloves, and a hat.

    When racing in hotter conditions than normal, I expect to see my 10K pace to drop by 15-20 seconds/mile.

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    Thats crazy…I’m getting married in AK on June 5th…small world. Yeah Riverparks is killer in the heat…theres not much shade for certain stretches. Fun times…I bet you miss those 100 degree weeks!

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    I do miss 100 degrees. I got choked up the other day listening to James Taylor. It was such a cheesy moment, but I was thinking about steamy mornings with rosy sunlight on dewy hay, with crickets chirping. It doesn’t happen like that up here.

    Playing for a wedding on the 7th, myself. In which town will you marry, and why AK?

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    AK because its my fiancees home town and we will be in Homer. I’ll be coming up on June 1 so hopefully it will warm up a little before then. Supposed to be in the 80’s here today 😈

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