I am Impressed and thankful for the help!!!

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    I have to say i am very thankful for the help you people have given me.

    I have been doing well in my runs anf feel very confident i will pass the run thursay.

    I am impressed with the help i have recieved from everyone here.

    I am very impressed with you people and the amount of running you people do. I mean for the love of all things Holy you guys run a lot.

    I dont think i will be up to anywhere near the level you guys are at, but after the help you have given me my hat is off to you all.

    I do however think i will keep this up and stick with running. You never know but i may some day be able to run 12 miles without getting a heart attack.

    Keep up the good work and again THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!

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    You are most welcome! Don’t count yourself out from doing what we do. I started only a year ago after not running for TEN years. I was able to finish a marathon in 3:35:34 not the best but not bad either. I am training hard now running nearly 60 miles per week and will push for a sub 3 hour marathon this fall. I don’t think I’ll get that but I’ll give it a hell of a try. But in a year – look what I did. I’ll bet that you could do that too – I am nothing special.

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    Scott, I’m glad you found the help you were looking for here. Hopefully, you do leave this with a love of running and a desire to keep running. If you do, never discount what the future might hold for you. Back when I was in my first few years of running, I couldn’t imagine myself doing half of what I have done, in terms of both training and racing. If you stick with it, it’s amazing what can be accomplished.

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    I PASSED!!!!! 😆

    Thanks all for the help

    i got a 16:07 on the run


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