I enjoy watching Xena when I treadmill

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    Hello, I am new here. I try to treadmill while watching TV. I figure I might as well be doing something instead of just sitting down. My favorite show to watch while I treadmill is Xena Warrior Princess. The show really motivates me because Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor are both in such good shape. I just purchased Season Three of Xena on DVD so I can choose the time it is most convenient for me to exercise. I enjoy the show so much, time just seems to go by faster. I guess watching women kick butt is inspiring to me!

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    I started getting serious as a single mom… got a treadmill and did my long run while the kids watched Saturday morning cartoons… the rule was “no fighting” or I’d stop the treadmill, shut off the TV and we’d start morning chores… wow, those runs got LONG and the kids got pleasant…

    since then I’ve remarried, mostly I run outside but the treadmill still has a TV in the same room… on icy days I make sure I have a foreign film with subtitles… since my husband would rather not ‘read’ his movies and the kids feel the same way I get a little privacy & a decent work out…

    only in the winter since I enjoy outdoors much more, especially when my older son runs with me or my younger son bikes (and carries the gatorade)…


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