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      Ok, so I was kind of inspired by Ryan and how succesfull his web-site have been so I launched one of my own. I hard coded it in HTML myself and its not much so far, but I have a solid base and I’d like it to become a well visited and recieved site. To do this, I believe, I need traffic and people to tell me what they’d like to see. So, be my guinea pigs! Visit my site and email me what you think (or post here, I’m sure I’ll check in often). Thanks in advance!


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      Hillrunner.com is only your #3 link??? 😉

      Seriously, it looks like you have a good start. Hillrunner.com can actually trace its roots back to a personal webpage on the student webpages at UW-Stout. Over time, it grew. That’s basically the best, maybe only, way that those of us without a ton of resources have to grow a website. Build the best site you can, never stop trying to improve it, submit to search engines on a regular basis, and come up with some content that will draw return visitors (one of my original reasons for the forums).

      I registered the URL Hillrunner.com over 4.5 years ago after really stepping up my focus on my personal webpage a little over 5 years ago. For a long time, Hillrunner.com was on the outskirts of the internet running world. I am sure that, relatively speaking, it’s still on the outskirts but it has been gradually moving toward the mainstream. Really, all that concerns me is building content that I believe in, doing the best I can to get the word out about the content, then letting people decide if they like it or not. That’s what I believe anyone who wants to express their views without selling out is best off doing.

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      No offense, but I didn’t see much there. The running tab only had your training for the previous week, then you told me to go to 5 other sites for more info on running. For some reason I couldn’t get to the other tabs.

      Like Ryan said, just keep plugging along, adding, experimenting, etc. I’m no web designing expert, but there’s gotta be a reason for me to add you to my favorites and keep coming back. Just to read your training log is not going to get that accomplished. Although you are probably the first runner I’ve ever heard of that has their week run from Wed to Tues.

      Finally good luck in your Thanksgiving 10k, I’m predicting 41:30.

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      Your page looks good, and I’m confident that if you put in the work to maintain it, you will get lots of visitors (and most importantly, repeat visitors).

      The only suggestion that I have is to put a lighter background on the Running Page. The text is a little hard to read with the background you are currently using.

      Good luck,


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      Zeke wrote:
      I’m no web designing expert, but there’s gotta be a reason for me to add you to my favorites and keep coming back.

      You may not be a web design expert but you know the #1 rule for websites that are trying to increase traffic. Web designers call it sticky content. You need to give visitors a reason to come back. This is sometimes done by offering content that they will want to re-read many times. However, the most effective way is through ever changing content. This is why forums (if you have a cgi-bin and/or database available to you) are popular. The visitors themselves offer the ever changing content. The catch to this is you need a good base of visitors before forums are effective at this. The next best option is to offer things that you will update on a regular basis. The training log is good as long as you update it daily/weekly/monthly. Also, if you have opinions on things that people would want to read, monthly/bimonthly articles on your opinions can be good.

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      Thanks to everybody who has taken a look. You’re absolutely right that the running page doesn’t have much yet as I think that’s the weakest page as far as content that I have up so far. Unfortunately, I have been unable to access the web page or the resources to edit the web page since Sunday. I don’t know if this is a problem with the server hear at school or with the tripod servers themselves, but hopefully it will be resolved soon so I can build the content into something that other people can enjoy. You’re right that it needs to keep people coming back and I’ve been working on content in that regard, but like I said…right now I can’t edit the site at all so that will have to wait…thanks for taking the time to look and hopefully soon I’ll have something worth looking at.

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