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      First off, kudos to all who ran and finished the 50 miler!!! The afternoon conditions were extreme and a whole lot of runners toughed it out, so congrats to all who did! I, personally, was very glad to be finishing the 50k when I did. At no time did I think or say, “another 19 would really make my day complete”!

      With that said, I enjoyed my experience running my first 50k and was very happy with my time and place (4:37:53, 25th overall, 10th age group). The conditions were very good and the volunteers were great! There was a little rain in the first 10 miles and a little sun in the last 10 miles with general overcast the rest of the time.

      I was out slow like I wanted. Out to the turnaround at Horseman’s in 59:00 and back to the trailhead in 58:23. I overcooked my first blue loop a touch at 1:18:45 which I paid for a bit in the second loop at 1:21:39. I got to run with LLL for about 3.5 miles at the end of the first loop, which was fun because I had been running most of it by myself to that point. The second loop was tough. The sun was starting to break out and the hills were starting to take a toll on my legs. As Pski said, the downhills take a lot out of you late in the game. Once I got to AS1 for a final refueling, I knew I could still get under 4:40, so I only walked the steepest few hills and kept plugging along the rest of the way to the finish.

      Thanks again to all the volunteers and congrats to all the runners that came out and gave it their all!


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      Way to go Linzer! You guys are all getting in those tough endurance miles and in a race to boot! great job on breaking 4:40! Not only that but you got to run with the sexy red head for a few miles. 😀


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      Laura Clark-Taylor

      It was nice running with you. I am not sure if anyone else would have appreciated my mating frog walk up the hills 😆 . Great Job finishing with the Legend “Roy Pirrung”.

      DD great job out there. The Heaslett looked great too. Mary Bolich ran her first 50 mile in 8:18ish and she looked like a veteran.

      Jim Kirschbaum looked strong at the finish. Ski you had that guy at the finish. You looked like a sprinter.

      Cameron way to go. The pictures of all turned out pretty good.


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