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    in the 15 years that i’ve been running, there are few times i can honestly say that i gave all that i could and didn’t have any regrets. the first 9M of the race i was feeling very unsure of myself as i felt like i was running too easy. i was pleasantly surprised when i came up on AS2 and was at 1:30:25. (i wanted to run between 1:27 and 1:30) my dad handed me a powerbar and 3 GU’s which i downed over the next 8+ miles (while getting rained on) until AS5 at Hwy 12. i had developed a nasty rub on my right heel so i changed shoes/socks…into which happened to be the same shoes i qualified for and ran BOSTON in. i also had to replace a nipple band-aid…must have been a “wardrobe malfunction.” 🙄

    i headed off from AS5 with another Powerbar and 3 GU’s plus a hydration backpack loaded with 2 liters of H20. i figured since this section was rocky anyway that adding the backpack wouldn’t hurt much. i ended up draining the backpack on the way out to AS7, refilled it and drained it on the way back. i hit AS5 (26M) in 4:41:20 which was just a hair over a 9 hour finish pace. i dropped the backpack, grabbed a water bottle and another Powerbar plus 3 more GU’s and headed down the trail.

    there’s one big long hill in this section that Tom Bunk instructed me not to run…so i didn’t. instead, i quietly downed a GU and watched others struggle up the hill. i then started to press the pace a bit and was really pleased at how i felt. as i neared AS4 (30M) i came up on a pack of five runners. since it was single track, as soon as i could see the aid station i hollered to my dad that i needed some vaseline. he brought it over and i “reloaded” plus grabbed 2 more GU’s then was back on the prowl. only one person in that pack left with me…john rodee. he noticed i was full of run and told me to go with it. with that i took off toward Bald Bluff…a section i hadn’t run in practice.

    OMG…what a b*tch of a climb that was. the DNR must have done a controlled burn and you could still smell the carbon from the burnt vegetation. by this time the sun was out and the temps were beginning to rise. i got to the top of Bald Bluff and still felt pretty solid so i kept pressing on my way to Horseriders Camp. along the way the leaders were headed for home so i got to see Double grinding it out along with other legends Kevin Setnes and Ann Heaslett. i made it into Horseriders Camp in about 6:44 and quite honestly don’t remember much about it. jim kirshbaum’s wife mary asked me if i needed anything…succeed…gels…i promptly replied “more miles” and bolded for the trail. why i said that…i still don’t know. 😆

    midway on my way out to emma carlin i got to see Jim K., PSKI and Tom Bunk headed back to Horseriders. i hit AS 10 in 7:20 and drank a couple cups of water then headed promptly back out on the trail. somewhere on the way back, the wheels began to come off. maybe the sun/heat was to blame…or perhaps the “rookie” began to show signs of never running further than 50K. regardless, heading back into Horseriders my demeanor was much more humble and quite honestly i was not looking forward to the next stretch of running.

    i’d run with Kooch from Emma Carlin down to Bald Bluff a few months prior. i was stunned at the terrain that had to be covered that late in the race. the trails were rocky and hills were pretty steep. regardless, i headed down the trail with two water bottles…one to drink and the other to pour over me. i eventually meandered into AS8 where my dad greated me with a towel soaked in ice water…which was very much appreciated. i had some cola and gimped along down to AS3. at AS3 there’s only 1.5M to go. i grabbed another quick cola and made the turn for the finish.

    personally, i love running in pine forests. this last section is great because there’s lots of pine trees and plenty of pine needles covering the trail. i mustered what i could and ended up picking up the pace for the last few hundred yards to the finish.

    i could see the finish banner…i could hear my name announced on the loudspeaker…i could see my oldest daughter taking a picture of me with the oversized kiddie camera my wife bought her…i remember waving to the folks sitting in the shade of the tent as i ran in and crossed the line in 9:37:48 for my first “true” ultramarathon finish. (i don’t think 2 road 50K’s really count)

    i took some time to talk with many old friends and some new friends i had made during the day. the “vibe” at an ultra is so completely different than at marathons or other shorter events. i quickly bought two t-shirts…one for my dad (who crewed for me) and one for my wife (who supported me). we headed home, got cleaned up and hit Pfudruckers for dinner. honestly, my bed never felt so good as it did that night.

    i do have to thank Double and PSKI for their encouragement and advice…plus Kooch…you were a huge motivation through those months of training. thanks guys!

    here’s what my HR looked like…


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    First off, great job Cameron and everyone else that did Ice Age. It sounds like a truly great event.

    This caught my attention…

    …which happened to be the same shoes i qualified for and ran BOSTON in.

    You ran Boston 2 years ago! Why are you still running in shoes that old? I just thought that was a little strange.


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    …those are special shoes…only brought out for special occasions. i wanted them along in case i needed some “good ju-ju.” they’re now officially retired. 😆

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    Way to go Cameron! 50 freakin’ miles is a long way to go! And in the weather we had on Saturday (Rain and then heat), I salute you! Was breaking 10 hours your goal? All I could imagine as a goal is finishing upright…

    Congrats again!

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    thanks peter.

    honestly, i was just looking to finish. i figured on a good day i could run 9 hours and on a so-so day i could run 10 hours. honestly, i think i ran as well as i could with the limited amount of training i did. (so far this year i was averaging ~50 miles a week)

    this ultra stuff is lots of fun…and lots of work if you want to do it well.

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    Congrats on a great run, Cameron. It’s obvious that you enjoyed yourself and had alot of fun. It was awesome to hear all the applause you got when you finished.

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