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    I found out today my wife has to work and suddenly I have no crew.  Is anyone interested in possibly helping me?  The race starts at 6 AM, but I won't need anyone until the 9 mile mark, so about a 7 AM start.
    Even if you could help from any other times let me know.

    I have had Ryan, Peace and Zeke crew for me and I don't believe it's a huge job.  Hopefully fun.  Also the barbeque is on me.


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    sorry double…i'm headed to GB for a weekend with the in-laws.

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    Double, sorry but I'm also out. Looks like Cameron and I have similar weekends planned, I'm heading up about halfway to Green Bay (Sheboygan) for a weekend with the in-laws.

    If you're really in dire straits later in the week, give me a call. I may be able to modify plans or at least shift back the schedule long enough to help you out if necessary.

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    Double, how have you been, wish I could help you but I have only been back at running for about 2-3 months now.  By the way, my former name was Slim  ;D

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    By the way, my former name was Slim  ;D

    Holy Crap!!!  Blast from the past.  Next thing you know, Doc will make an appearance.  Then we'll all be chatting at night.

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    Doc who —- LOL

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    Give me a call if you are still looking for some crew help.  I'm in town and could lend a helping hand again this year.

    Oh, but can you promise it won't take you as long this year? 😉


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