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    Congrats to all who finished this brutal race. DD in 7:12 took 5th overall. Great conditions early, 20 minutes of rain cold and wind at about mile17-19? Then humidity gave way to warmer temps and by mile 32 the sun was out and temps may have climbed into the 70’s. A bank reading on the way home read 81, but htose are normally high.

    Cameron really gutted it out and finished in well under 10 hours.

    I ran strong for 35, tapered off at 37 where I needed to sit, eat and drink for 6 minutes or so. Here was decision time, I decided to finish, despite pain in every part of my body and my legs were just trashed. Steady shuffle mode was on but I jogged all the way in from there, taking time at aid staitons to refuel and drink. I ran 8:28 for 26th place overall, 9th in the age group 40-44. I’m happy with that.

    My friend Jim Kirschbaum who was still with me at 35, kicked in a 8:02 finish from there. One awesome performance.

    the 50 mile is flat out a humbling distance. Never have I hurt so much for 13 miles and never have I been so crippled the following day. I will never ultra again, but I’m glad I toed the line and have 2 50 milers under the belt, and 2 finishes. Running anything downhill after 35, really took it’s toll on me.

    I did manage to eat and drink beer at the finish. Where the weather for that end was spectacular.

    Thanks to Jeff (the pizza man) Italiano and my wife and kids for helping crew me and cheer me on. And to Ron Erhardt and Kris Setnes who helped get me back on my feet at mile 37.

    In summary I FINISHED. PSKI

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    You guys are all amazing! I can’t even imagine what it feels like to run 50 miles but you have my admiration for a job well done.

    The pain must have been incredible! Going almost twice as far as a marathon with such a fast finish time is truely an accomplishment.

    You earned those beers at the finish! Enjoy.


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    Cool report Skiman ! Now I know why your a Marathon Stud after that a marathon doesn’t seem that tough 🙂 Great Work!


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    congratulations… I stand in awe of you guys, just amazing…

    makes marathoning look almost easy…


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    Can’t imagine what that last 13 must have felt like. Way to tough it out.


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    Pski, way to gut it out. When I saw you come up to Horsemans on the way out, I didn’t even want to go near you at first. I saw your family walking up as I was preparing for Double and the other person I was crewing for and I was so glad they made it. I figured they could help you find the motivation to get back out there. After they had a few moments, I decided it was finally time to show my face around you and you were ready to go at that point. I didn’t know what to expect from you after that point but you actually moved up a place or two after getting back on your feet.

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    Yeah Ryan, it was interesting that I actually moved up and passed a few people. Bunk got me at the turn around with ten to go for an 8:18. Some split information for you Ryan. I got to Horsemens with 13 to go in just under 6 hours. I left horsemens at 6:06, so in essence I ran the last 13 in 2:22. OUCH, just around 11 minute miles.

    Thanks to all for the encouraging responses. PSKI

    Next stop, NYC Marathon Sub 2:50 or bust one more time.

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