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    As I’m sure some of you have noticed but I can only hope not too many of you have noticed, there has been a barrage of registrations recently with very inappropriate content included in many of the registrations. For anyone whose legitimate new registration has been lost among all of these registrations, I am deeply sorry.

    No matter where you stand on the topic of adult related material, I am here to tell you that it, or links to it, will not be tolerated on this website. I try my best to be a very leniant person in general with what is allowed here but there are two things that I will not stand for on this website. First is spam, second is adult related content. In the case of these spammers, they have covered both of these.

    I have tried my best to keep these spammers at bay with as little interruption to legitimate and very welcome forum users as possible. However, my attempts have been failing and I am now left with options that will affect all of you as everyday users of these forums. Because of that, I would greatly appreciate your input. As I see it, we have two options, neither of which I like. However, if you have other ideas, I am very open to any and all ideas at this point. Here are the two options that I can see:

    1) All forum registrations will have to go through me. I will double check to make sure there is no inappropriate content in these new registrations. I have this set up now but I really don’t want to get into the babysitting mode, which is what this feels like, just because of the actions of a few people.

    2) Website links are removed from profiles. You could not link to your website from within your profile and the website column of the memberlist page would be removed. Again, this is taking away functionality that I would like you to have the option of using. However, something has to be done. Not many people link to websites as it is, would anyone feel slighted if this was taken away?

    Again, I don’t like either of these options. I am very open to alternative ideas if anyone has some. However, something has to be done and will be done. Please share your thoughts, if not by replying to this thread by either sending a PM or e-mail to me.

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    Ed 1

    I don’t mind being “baby sat” if it keeps this place clean unlike RW then I am all for it. If you need help I’ll be available to help but not until September.

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