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    Now that I have anyone who has ever been to Waukesha scratching their heads…really, this is all about my not wanting to sound like a grumpy old man now that I hit the ripe old age of 27 after a couple of recent posts, even though one of them was meant as a compliment to many individuals that seemed to be misinterpreted. 😉

    Seriously, I just wanted to give credit where credit is due and, as a whole, I think Waukesha drivers are quite a bit more considerate than they frequently get credit for. Sure, there are the idiots out there but my run yesterday evening was more of the norm of my experiences on the streets of Waukesha.

    After work yesterday, I went out for an evening 10 around my Minooka Park loop (and encountered 6 dogs, all well controlled during this chilly evening run through the park, fwiw). On my way to and from the park, I negotiate probably 2.5-3 miles each way for a total of 5-6 miles of city streets including going through two 4-way stops each way as well as of course crossing many neighborhood streets and driveways. During my 5-6 miles on the streets of Waukesha, of course starting my run at around 5:30, I encounter a fair amount of traffic. However, yesterday, as with most days, all the drivers were quite considerate. People were stopping at stop signs without blocking crosswalks, they were politely waiting for me to cross. People were even looking right before turning right, which meant I didn’t get plowed down by someone who didn’t even bother looking where they were going. Of course, all these things are technically simply following traffic laws but they were following laws that people think of as ones that are routinely ignored. However, it got even better at the 4-way stops. People were being polite enough to wait for me to run through the intersections out of turn, even as I was approaching with plans of cutting behind them. I only had one near incident. A truck was pulling out of a gas station and the driver saw me right before crossing into the sidewalk. He locked on the brakes so he didn’t block the sidewalk for me and even gave me the traditional “I’m sorry” wave.

    When someone acts like a total idiot, I’ll be the first to point it out and I do believe the idiots should be pointed out and dealt with, as they are dangerous to anyone who isn’t well protected in a couple of tons of iron. However, I think it’s also only fair to give credit to the large majority of people around here who go out of their way to be polite. The idiots are out there and we always have to be ready for them but we shouldn’t just complain about the idiots and take the polite drivers for granted. The large majority of drivers I have come across while running, both in Waukesha as well as nearly everywhere else I have run, are actually quite polite and courteous and they should get credit for that.

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    I’m living & working in Northern Virginia but I’m really a midwesterner… I told my husband about this ‘woderful site’ the eminates from Waukesha and he said “where?”… I used to live in Northern Illinois and laughed when I told him it was between Lake Geneva and Milwaukee, as if that would help him at all…had cousins in Lake Geneva & spent some fun times in Milwaukee, Racine and Menomonee Falls…

    anyway… my closing statement was that midwesterners were down to earth people… just nice, glad to see they haven’t changed, at least when they drive

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