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    Marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe is refusing to rule out running at the 2008 Olympics despite suffering a stress fracture to her leg.

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    Then she is in denial.  She certainly could heal up and run the race, but given the amount of downtime needed to heal (time which all of her competitors will be using to progress their conditioning) she will not be a medal contender if she does.

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    really difficult for her to give up her dreams, like most of us… I wonder if water jogging might not be 'enough' till the SFX is better… it was enough for Joan Benoit Samuelson before the first Olympics trials, but then again it wasn't as competitve at that point…

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    That was also before the Olympic Trials, this is before the Olympics. Also, if I recall, Joan was out for less than a month. From what I recall, the normal healing time for a SFX is 6-8 weeks. That means she's not running on solid ground again until about a month before the Olympics at best. That's 6-8 weeks lost right at the heart of the training cycle. Realistically, this takes her out of any serious discussion of medal contenders, though of course her name will come up as long as she's entered.

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    JBS was not recovering from a stress fracture, either, she had had her knee scoped.

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