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    hey everyone,

    in the last month or so,, i have been running with a pain in my right leg(below the calf), i haven't rest , beacuse i have an important  10k race in november where i wanna do my best, so i have avoided rest like plague, i mean like 4 days to 1 week of rest  or something like that, but i only run 5-6 times per week, but most of the time in the last month i have been running easy ( with the pain of course) and some good tempo runs, the last sunday i threw in a 2 x 200m at r pace  and 10 x 400m at I pace and i let the workout at 8 x 400m because i started to feel the pain badly, this week i haven't done any tempo or “fast” workout , only easy runs ,  but the pain still there so , here is the question, should i put my pride a side and give my leg rest or should i continue doing just easy runs and wait that the pain get away??


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    I am not a doctor and have never played one on TV… what would worry me about your pain, is that while it might be a calf strain that would get better with a few days off, it could also be tendonitis, the Achilles tendon to be be as specific as one can be over the internet…

    if the race is important enough to train in pain for a month could it be important enough to find a sports doctor or seek alternate treament… when I'm into heavy training I've been known to get a massage just about every week… and I've been lucky that it's been the same therapist who worked with me for several years, got to know me and when I did have serious issues knew an accupunturist, a chiropracter, a podiastrist, a nutritionist, an orthopedist and even a sports psychologist… luckily I've only needed each once and not for the same issue!

    and if I sound like someone's mom it's because I am… if ignoring it hasn't made it go away, try something else, please… of course I'm figuring you have already tried icing it and taking ibuprofen to see if that would help… maybe a support bandage…

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    It's better to be safe than sorry. With your race 2mo away I would think you would give you injury time to heal. The more you push it the greater the chance of major damage. I looked at my log from 2yrs ago when I was getting ready for the Cleveland Marathon and about 2mo before the race I had a hamstring issue. I took off 4 days then came back the next week on a reduced workout. During the 4 days off I used our HS pool for deep water running. The time off and slow return ( about 2 weeks total) allowed me to get back up to pace in what I thought was a reasonable time. At the marathon I ended up qualifing for Boston. The rewards from the time off were well worth it. I hope everything heals and you get back into top form quickly. Ski

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    If your race is that important or even if your running after the race is important, better to treat the problem before it becomes more serious. Get this checked out by a doctor. My initial thought as another non-medical professional was the same as Rita, two possibilities. First, a muscle strain or pull. Very easily treated with little to no interruption in your training and resultant training at 100% health potentially within a couple of weeks. A win-win situation if you get this checked out and treated. Second, a tendon injury such as tendonitis. Keep running on that and you could not only have yourself off your feet by November but you could negatively impact your running for the rest of your life. A lose-lose situation if you don't get this checked out and treated.

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    A healthy undertrained runner will almost always beat a fully-trained injured runner.

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    A happy runner is one that gets regular massages at least a couple of times a month.  If you have a significant other you can also massage each other. 

    It sounds like you prob have a small tear or “knot” of scar tissue from a former tear that needs attention.  The “stick” and foam “rollers” work well too.  If it is low enough on your leg you can prob. get at it yourself as well.

    Ice and heat have there place.  However manual manipulation of the tissue is needed at some point after any tear to break up the scar tissue that has formed.

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    A healthy undertrained runner will almost always beat a fully-trained injured runner.

    Reminds me of a quote from Coach Conway: “It doesn't do you any good to be the fittest guy at the race if you're watching from the sidelines.”

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    thank u very much guys,, i have taken  3 days off, and  i have taken up  ibuprofen ,, and i haven't had pain, i am much better, tomorrow i will come back to running,  i really needed these 3 days off, the pain has gone ( so far) , lets see what happens when i actually run. thank u very much to all of you


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    well  ???

    Hope you are busy running.  I hadn't seen this post 'til today.  Sounds too familiar to me.  I had the same thing and took 3 days.

    Coach Conway's quote:  >:(

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