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    Hello Forum Posters!

    I found about this site from someone on the TriNewbies Online Forum. I post there as well and enjoy reading that forum, but lets just say that it can get a little, er……crowded there and I was looking for something purely running. I guess I found it!

    Anyway, I was drawn to this forum because it seems that everyone here looooooves to run (duh!), and has some great advice to offer.

    I am 17 and run high school xc and track, and will be running Division 3 in college next year.

    Now, the question: What’s your favorite running book? Mine would have to be “Running With The Buffaloes” or “The Quotable Runner.” Any thoughts?

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    I am reading “Running with the Buffaloes” now. As an older runner who became active in the sport just a few years ago this books makes me envious. I regret that I missed out on running in HS and college.

    I love reading and have dozens of books on running. Some of my favorites are:


    “Daniels Running Formula” by Jack Daniels

    “The Competitive Runners Handbook” by Bob Glover


    “Advanced Marathoning” by Pfitzinger and Douglas

    Running Science:

    “Lore of Running” by Timothy Noakes

    And finally in the area of novels; I am aware of only one and while not the best literature in the world its still a pretty good read if you’re a runner:

    “Once a Runner” by John Parker

    Not counting “Once a Runner”, I have read the other books on this list at least twice each. Three times in the case of “Lore…” and “Daniels…”.

    Welcome to; like you I came to this site because when I seek advice its nice to know the person giving it is a serious about running.

    Good luck in college next fall.


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    Schpeff, welcome to the forums. I hope you will find what you are looking for here. I’d like to believe this is a forum that is primarily visited by people with an interest in improving their times and those who usually give advice offer a balance of real world experience and studying the top sources of information for competitive running.

    As for favorite books, I have many that could top the list. Here are a few…


    I don’t feel that any competitive runner’s library is complete without at least one book by Arthur Lydiard. Then again, some of those who ran under him or learned from him have been able to articulate his teachings better than he seems to.

    Daniels’ Running Formula

    The Competitive Runner’s Handbook

    Road Racing for Serious Runners

    Advanced Marathoning

    Lore of Running (I prefer the early 90s edition before he started pushing strange theories – good source if you want to know the intricate details of the physiology behind running, not sure how much you can get in the form of training advice though)


    Running With The Legends

    Running With The Buffaloes



    Once A Runner

    Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Runner

    There are many others that I like but I would say these pretty much top the list.

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    I really like Running with the Buffaloes and sub-4. I have not ever read Daniels but my high school book based our training off of it and you hear many great things about it.

    Good luck in college next year. What college are you going to?

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    Wow, this forum is very friendly! I can tell I’ll enjoy posting here. 🙂

    Jason, I’ll be attending Springfield College as a Health Studies major in the fall.

    Have a nice night!

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    Welcome to the forum. What an exciting time for you, the summer before you go to college. Hmm, I wonder if you have senioritis at all. As a former D3 runner, I envy your situation. College is awesome and running makes it even more fun. You’re going to make some of the best friends of your life over the next 4-5 years. Heck probably within the next 6 months. Enjoy.

    As for books, I agree with what everyone else has said too. I’ll add A Cold Clear Day. I just bought No Bugles No Drums and Marty Liquouri’s Guide to Elite Distance Running and haven’t had time to read them yet. They’re both hard to find, but I’ve heard good things about them.

    If you haven’t read Once a Runner I highly recommend it, especially for you. It’s about a miler during his college years. I read it right after I graduated from college and the characters really hit home. It’d be a great book for you this summer to get you fired up.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

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