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    I was just curious if there would be any interest in setting up a Team Hillrunner for the Jingle Bell 10k run in either Madison or Milwuakee.  The Madison event is December 13th and the Milwaukee event is November 9th.

    If you would like to get a team together – I think it would be a good time. 

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    I don't recall the Milwaukee event having a 10K. Looking around, I only see mention of a 5K, though I thought there was a 15K also (unless I'm thinking of a turkey trot or some other holiday themed run). Can anyone verify? The site at only mentions the 5K.

    Anyway, Ed, you know I'm in if the schedule works which I believe it should for either of those weekends.

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    You are correct Ryan – I double checked the Milwaukee page and they only offer the 5K.  I don't remember where I thought I saw the 10K for both but at least we got it straight now. 

    Jingle Bell in Milwaukee only has a 5K.

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    I am willing to be on the team if needed.

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