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    I just did my last long run on Sunday and now my knee hurts, I think its the ITB but Im not sure. I know I should see a Doc, but I want to know if Im screwed or not from runners, not a doctor who is definitely going to tell me to stop running 😡 With four weeks to go am I out of commission? Besides seeing a Doctor, what should I do? Help!



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    I am no expert, but I had the same thing happen to me last year and I DNF in my race. I took off completley for most of the last two weeks before the race and it didnt help. Ice, rest, stretch. Go easy, good luck.

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    if you have that “ice pick” feeling on the outside of your knee it could be ITBS… I did that at mile 22 in 2001, FIND A DOCTOR who doesn’t tell you to stop running… mine (who’s wife is a tri-athlete) said “cross-train” as long as it takes, then sent me for a month of PT… if you google ITBS you will find several sites with stretches to loosen the upper part of the ITB (along the outside of your thigh)… in the mean time ICE and ibuprofen…

    besides stretching, be sure youre shoes are decent, never run on the camber of the road (slanted edge) or down a slanted beach… track work can make it worse so be sure to (at least) warm up and cool down in the opposite direction… I was told it it the most common injury and the most treatable… I have not had any serious problems with that since, with good prevention and a little luck you’ll be fine… be careful while it still hurts NOT to run on it as it will alter your stride so much you’ll create other problems…

    good luck…


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    At the very least get a diagnosis from an actual physician, one with a sports medicine specialty would be ideal. Relying upon an internet determiation could prove to be be unwise.

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    I injured mine one week before a 10K. I rested it and stretched twice a day. I used ice and heat. The heat made it loosen and feel better. But my injury was kind of mild and I was running again in one week, starting with short runs and working back into it. I hear two weeks rest is usual with lots of stretching. Check your shoes, stay away from hills for a while, and don’t run on cambered surfaces. Also, if it starts hurting during a run, stop immediately and stretch.

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