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    My hip hurts terribly. It’s not even something I can run though; I’m totally crippled. The front of my hip, where the femur meets the pelvis, hurts. It is especially bad when sitting and trying to lift my afflicted leg (the right one). Also, the side of my hip, also where the femur and pelvis meet, hurts terribly? Anyone felt something like this? Causes/remedies? I run in Mizuno Wave Riders, and I just ordered a new pair of shoes (Asics Gel TigerPaw) hoping that it was in part a stride problem. I had a lot of a braking motion while running (heel striking) and I think a lot of impact was absorbed by my knees and hips (I previously had ITBS). I bought the flats hoping that they will help me to be more of a toe striker.

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    First off, don’t buy a new pair of shoes hoping that will change you from a heel strike to a toe strike. To me, that just sounds like a way to ask for problems.

    Second, the only way to really get a diagnosis is to go to a medical professional. Anything short of a professional medical opinion by someone who has personally talked with you and observed your problem is nothing but guesswork.

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    I agree with boss man Ryan, if it hurts so bad you cant run you need to see a medical provider. Where your pain is possibilies include: adductor magnus injury, sartorious injury, hernia, or pelvic/femur ( 😥 hope not!) stress fracture. I recommend you see someone soon

    Hope it turns out ok!


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    I wasn’t asking in search of an answer as a replacement for the opinion of a medical professional. I am going to a physical therapist later in the week to have it checked out. However, PT’s are not always runners and, in an effort to avoid a law suit, will advise the safest road possible. This can mean months away from training. I’m wondering if anyone has had a pain similar to this and was able to resume training after a short hiatus including some physical therapy.

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    I had this pain several years ago. Couldn’t do anything. I did nothing but some swimming with my legs immobilized with a float device for 5 weeks. Then I slowly began to run again. I knew it when I injured that spot, and it was from braking during running downhill. Good luck PSKI

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    Both of my kids have had pain in the same area you described and both were very different in their recovery. My son’s jr year of high school he developed pain as you described early on during cross country and was out for the rest of the season. My daughter on the other hand, developed a problem both her freshman and sophomore years when basketball and track practice would overlap. But in her case she responded to rest and a reduction in activity very quickly. Both saw PTs and received treatment, so I guess I would agree with Hillrunner, you just need to get evaluated and see how it goes. I don’t think anyone here can predict with any certainty what the outcome will be.

    Good Luck!

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