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      202 miles on 25 days of running

      (new January monthly miles PR)

      10 1/2 weeks to BOSTON

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      344 miles on 31 days (with tonights run).

      Shifted focus from base to strength with up-tempo (around mp) and hill repeats. Bad asthma problems on the hills (need to walk the recoveries and use Albuteral). Hopefully it will be better controlled by the marathon in May (the cold/dry air is a major factor with my eia).


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      198 miles for me. Ran my longest so far (18 miles) this past weekend & it felt good.

      Added a hill workout in prep for Boston. Doing Pilates & upper arm weights 3x week.

      20 miler this weekend but the forecast isn't looking too good.

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      Wow, I have things added up (I think) accurately in a timely manner. 335 miles, 36 runs, 30 days running.

      Nothing too exciting. Building volume this month, had an unplanned but needed cutback week around the middle of the month when the increases took their toll on me. Paces have been falling back as the volume climbs but have been bouncing back over the past couple of days. I'll probably settle in with the volume pretty soon with only incremental increases, which will allow my paces to begin increasing.

      Over the final 10 days of the month, I've had 132 miles on 13 runs including 95 miles on 9 runs last week. Two of my past 3 weeks have been 90 or more miles on 9 runs. This bodes well for February as I work on maintaining that with some consistency, outside of occasional cutback weeks.

      No races in January. Have one or two I'm looking at for February but may only do one and probably won't treat any I do too seriously. Just want to get the racing feeling and do something that will force me to turn the legs over a bit.

      Sounds like we have some solid training getting logged out there. Cameron, hopefully your training as a whole for January is going as well as the mileage suggests. A personal high in January, as long as the rest of the variables are in place, bodes well for Boston.

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      Ryan – so far so good.  if you've got time, check out my blog at http://blog.jerrycameron.com for a daily detail on the training efforts.  running in the wee hours of the AM is taking its toll on me.  i'll likely hit the Pettit this weekend for some higher quality miles.  if you're interested, holler back.  i emailed double to see if he'd be interested in carpooling.

      Anne/Randy – do you have any indoor options available?

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      Reading this thread just reenforces how much of a slacker I have been.

      I still have a run to do tonight, but I'm likely going to be around 85 miles for the month.

      I took the last 3 weeks of December off (my and the wife went to Alaska to visit her family) and I've been slowly working my way back into shape (I've gone for an hour each of the last 2 nights…its slow, but its coming around).  So far I'm only up to 4 days a week of running with a pretty intense game of flag football (I'm serious, these guys don't mess around  :o) for a 5th workout.  If I can climb over 120 miles for Feb and continue to build I'll be alright.

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      only 170 this month and that's with most of the first week off while being less then healthy… looking back, January historically has never been a good month for me… the last two weekends I had nice hilly long runs, but the cold isn't my friend and I'm hoping that by then end of February the weather will soften around here (No.VA)… that and just a few minutes earlier sunrise so Tu-TH track session won't be in the dark…


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      Well, I may be the biggest slacker to check in with January numbers. Count 'em:

      42.2 miles running; about a fourth of those on a 'mill
      39.2 miles classic xc skiing, including a 20K race last Saturday (2nd in my age group)
      26.4 miles on the basement Nordic Track machine

      I'll be relegated to the NT again tonight, so I'll likely crack 30 in that column.

      Still recovering from a double dose of PF and pelvic abductor pain. I've been wearing my first pair of custom orthotics for about three weeks now; arches still tender so I haven't dared run with them. In the fall I switched from stability to neutral shoes which has definately helped

      Will ski the 40K classic Badger State Games race on Saturday and looking toward my second 52K American Birkebeiner at the end of February. Beyond that, no set goals (otherwise I would have chimed in on that other thread) except I'll do the Grand Island Trail Marathon, Keweenaw Trail Running Festival and WORS (although I might do more biking than running at the latter).

      While a BQ marathon attempt may be in the cards for '07, healing is a bigger priority. At least with the skiing I can avoid the pounding and keep in shape.

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      Cameron, I know how difficult those early AM runs can be. That's why I avoid them like the plague. 😉

      As for this weekend, Lisa and I are scheduled to look at a house (not far from your neighborhood) Saturday morning so I have to run one of those early AM runs. Did I ever pick a weekend for that… Anyway, if it's Sunday, it would be a possibility for me. Otherwise, I'll probably have to be out this time around.

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      The records of my running are very poor, but I would have to say that this has been my highest monthly total as well.  It looks like about 310 on 30 days of running (yesterday being the exception, some tenderness in the high-ankle area, feels better today though)  I managed two 20 milers this month and 8 runs of 15+.  If I can stay healthy, I feel that I am on track to being truly prepared for a marathon for the first time in what will be my 7th try.

      In this proposed run at the Petit, will the goal be mileage or speed?  If the goal is some company to avoid the dizziness of an indoor 20 miler on Sunday AM, I'm in (if I'm welcome).  Couldn't do it Sat AM as I have to work. 

      Those are some impressive totals out there considering how the weather decided to stop cooperating.  Keep it up!


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      Including my planned run tonight (14 miles):

      427.6 miles for the month, which is a new high by 16. 

      Jan 1-7:  80.8
      Jan 8-14: 93.1
      Jan 15-21: 101
      Jan 22-28: 106.1
      Jan 29-31: 46.6

      Just building volume, most of the running was done at easy to moderate pace though I did throw an time trial type run in on Jan 1 to get a feel for where I am at.  No races though I am jumping into a 1/2 this weekend just to get a hard run in even though I want to keep my volume around 100 this week.  I'll keep the volume up through Feb. then begin to focus on some short stuff to see what I can do in the 10k this spring.

      I've also lost 7 pounds this month.

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      197 miles for me with some good quality workouts, details can be seen in the training blog on my website

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      I have a treadmill but prefer the road. Now that I'm doing hills I have no alternative (at least none near my home) to the mill. I'm doing the 2 hill workouts and a medium long run on the mill.

      The indoor air helps with the eia but the intensity of hill repeats still causes a problem (I pre-medicate with albuteral which helps alot).

      On the road I carry the inhaler but have only used it a few times this winter (on easy or long runs I almost never have symptoms).


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      I ran 27 times (all singles), for 187 miles. This was my best month of mileage since September 2005, and my best January ever, topping Jan.'05 by 2 miles. Last January I only ran 9 times for 34 miles. I'm hoping to continue comparing favorably to 2005, when I set my high mileage for the year and ran my sub 3 hour marathon.

      My pace has been pretty steady state, and less than 5% of my miles were faster than MP (6:50). I'll worry about running fast when it's a bit warmer.

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      (I pre-medicate with albuteral which helps alot).

      i pre-medicate with albuterol as well.  on occasion i use serevent before a long run.  i guess it's a time released version of albuterol.  i need to get refills on both before my next marathon effort.

      Anne – The hillwork will payoff for you in beantown.

      Ryan & Rob – I can be talked into a Sunday afternoon long run.  Otherwise, I was thinking about going at 9AM Saturday when the Pettit opens to (hopefully) miss some of the crowds.  If you can, bounce me an email at [email protected].  I haven't heard back from Double yet.  He's good to have along on a long run.

      (Ryan – go west!  you'll have more hills to run!)

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      I have a seravant inhaler from several years ago. My doctor replaced it with AdVair (a slow-acting asthma controller) that contains seravant as one of its 2 active ingrediants.

      The AdVair does a good job; usually no need for the emergency inhaler except under extreme conditions. For me that means very cold/dry air and/or high intensity workouts.


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      187 for the month on 5 runs/week longest LSD 15 miles.
      per week: 1 short and 1 LSD at easy pace, other 3 runs medium hard over hills.
      12 weeks till taper.
      Best MPW so far 47
      Estimated max MPW at 53-54



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      194 mi for 21 days

      2 long runs of  18 mi but like everyone else the cold, ice, and snow is killing me, not to mention a bad lt band that I've been running with. I'm to do an 18mi run today but the temp is 5 @ 10:30 am with a wind of 20-25 mph.

      How do you folks cope with the low temps? This isn't helping my training for Boston.  Ski

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      169 miles / 22 days. Which I believe is my best January ever. But better than the mileage the quality is there too.

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      206 for me this month.  My best January by far.  February is off to a decent start as well. Might try the Cullen run this weekend just to get the feeling of racing back into the system.

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