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    i rolled 200 in january…a new record for me. SE Wisconsin has been “warm” and generally snow free this month…which is very rare…but it helps with getting in some miles. 😀

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    got in 181, which is up 47 from last year…

    we’ve had unseasonably warm weather here also which makes me wonder if my choice of Tampa over Columbus, Ohio wasn’t an unlucky guess for good marathon weather… but at least I know I was right not to go to Miami with a friend who asked to run that together, it was 70 and sunny…


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    364, new PR by 41 miles.

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    Anonymous wrote:
    364, new PR by 41 miles.

    That was me – for some reason I needed to log back in.

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    Ran 336, mostly easy, miles in Jan. Majority at a pace of 15-45 sec/mile slower than MP.

    With 13 weeks to go I recently added a couple of long tempo and/or progression runs each week. In a few more weeks I will add hill repeats.

    I’ve been running on the mill a lot more than usual (in spite of the good weather). It helps with the boredom of running the same routes every day.

    I hope it pays off on May 7th.


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    That was me – I also had to log back in for some reason.


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    161 for me, finally feeling good again after my half amrathon nightmare in october 😀 , but very tired as I have been studying with every waking minute of every day, my running is my time for my brain to take a break!

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    I ran 9 times for a total of 35 miles. Pretty pathetic. Lemme esplain…

    Back in mid December, I experienced a bout of unexpained and quite painful spasms that lasted until the 1st week of January. These pains came on all of a sudden, usually when I was in a sedentary position, and felp like someone was applying an electrical cattle prod to my hip/butt area. When the pain stopped (after 5-10 seconds or 20 minutes, depending on the episode), it completely dissappated, with no lingering after affects. Many Dr. visits and $1,000’s in diagnostic tests have only told me what it’s not. 👿 I really don’t remember much between Christmas and New Year’s, since I was on Valium and Vicodin during that time 🙄 Also, I couldn’t drive for 2-3 weeks….

    Fortunately, the pains have subsided (no episodes for the past 4 weeks) and never occurred while I was running, so my Dr. said by all means resume running as I can tolerate. I took 3 weeks off from running completely, and getting back up to speed in January is tough, even with the mild weather we’ve had. I ran five miles last week in 7:30 pace, and I felt like I’d run a sub 37 minute 10K! It totally wiped me out. Slow and steady, gotta remember that….

    So February begins a new month, and even though I only ran 4 miles this morning, I am 100% for the month, vs. 29% in January. No goal races anytime soon, so no worries.


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    I don’t have an exact number but I was just short of 400, I believe in the 390s. It was a somewhat disappointing month for me. I started out beginning to get some consistency, then toward the end got consistently poor. I always seem to struggle in January, though. In fact, strictly by the numbers, this was probably one of my best 2 or 3 January totals ever, possibly my best.

    To the guys having to log in again, this also happened to me from home yesterday evening. It seems to be due to cookies expiring, possibly related to the recent forums upgrade, but doesn’t seem to be happening all the time. It hasn’t happened to me on my work computer – at least yet. If it happens with any kind of consistency, I’ll of course be sure to look into it.

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    RandyS wrote:
    …mostly easy…Majority at a pace of 15-45 sec/mile slower than MP.

    I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but I don’t consider MP +15-45 sec/mile to be easy.

    I’m curious if others run that kind of pace during their “normal” training? Maybe I need to pick up the pace.

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    Zeke, I’m with you. Most of my runs in January have been roughly in the range of 1:00-1:30 slower than marathon pace. Those that haven’t have typically been even slower.

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    I ran 285 miles in January. This was my highest mileage month ever (previous high was 272). I’m feeling pretty good about my March 5 marathon.

    Zeke wrote:
    I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but I don’t consider MP +15-45 sec/mile to be easy.

    I’m curious if others run that kind of pace during their “normal” training? Maybe I need to pick up the pace.

    Like Ryan, I’m also a minute to a minute and a half behind goal marathon pace. Although if you go by my last marathon (in Feb 2003), I run most of my “normal” runs at exactly marathon pace.


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    After racing in October my daily pace dropped to 8:15 to 8:30 (except for the Philly marathon which I ran in Nov as a long run; faster than planned @ 8:00).

    The past couple of weeks I picked up the pace; averaging 8:00-8:15. This felt very comfortable and I haven’t been sore or tired.

    Last night I did a progression run on the mill, starting at 7.4 mph for 2, then 7.6 for 2, 7.8 for 2 and 8.0 for 2 (8:06 to 7:30 pace).

    To avoid boredom I wore the HRM (I normally don’t, nor do I train by HR). My heart rate at the end was just under 80% of max.

    I consider 80% to be a steady, aerobic pace and certainly within the range Lydiard intended for base running (probably not even reaching his 3/4 effort days, the hardest efforts during his base phase).

    Perhaps I need to learn to race faster instead of train slower. My planned race pace is 7:30-7:35 (a 15/sec/mile improvement over last May for the same course).

    I usually finish marathons feeling like I have a lot left, never hit the wall, almost always run large negative splits (3+ mins). The only real discomfort is mental not phyical.

    Unfortunantely I have a tough time pushing myself into the physical discomfort zone. If I could do that my marathon pace would probably be closer to 7:00 (I often finish long runs at that pace, even ran the last couple of miles of my last marathon at that pace).

    Taking that into account my current training pace of 15-45 secs/slower is more like 45-1:15 secs/slower.

    In any event the pace for the past few months has not negativly impacted me. I easily run 80-85 miles ever week, including a long run of 18-24, a 16 mile mid week easy run, a 13 mile mp run, 2 up tempo 8 mile runs and 2 8 mile easy runs.


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    Wow, you people run lots of miles!

    This is the first time I’ve ever kept such accurate records of my mileage, I missed recording a few days but I have 178 written down for the month.

    This has been a great winter for running, not so much for x-country skiing, but the roads conditions and temps have been wonderful.

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    RandyS wrote:
    Perhaps I need to learn to race faster instead of train slower.

    Maybe this is the key, Randy. You should be running sub-3 based on your mileage and training paces.

    RandyS wrote:
    I usually finish marathons feeling like I have a lot left…The only real discomfort is mental not phyical.

    Unfortunantely I have a tough time pushing myself into the physical discomfort zone.

    Maybe it’s a mental barrier that you can work on. What about doing a bunch of shorter races? That’ll allow you to get used to the discomfort of running fast, yet not have a long recovery.

    I just hate to see someone that’s so dedicated and consistent, not have the results their training indicates.

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    I’ll second Zeke on both points. Your training effort and racing results have never really added up to me. It seems like you should be comfortably sub-3:10, if not sub-3.

    As Zeke stated, have you considered doing some shorter races? They can be great for overcoming that mental barrier. In a 5k or even 10k, you can push closer to your limits without as much fear about what happens if you go a bit beyond. Doing that can do a lot to teach you about what you are really capable of and to help you learn how to tell when you’re pushing that line.

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    276, just trying to stay ahead of Cameron in the million mile ultra.

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    And here comes low mileage guy: 111.5 miles of running, 31.5 of xc skiing for January. If we’d any snow this past month, those number would likely have been reversed. In fact I wish it had snowed, then I’d be more confident about Saturday’s 40K ski race and, three weeks later, the 52K Birkebeiner. Will the latter count as an ultra?

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    Are you skiing in the Badger State Games?

    There isn’t enough snow on the Green Circle to ski yet it hasn’t cleared off enough to run. I wish it would either snow or melt so it could be used, this in between stuff is no good.

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    Yes, Anne. I got talked into toughing out the BSG 40K classic race. The furthest I’ve skied so far this season is 26K, but I need a longer outing to build up my confidence for the Birkie. All reports are that the trails at Nine Mile are in good shape for this weekend’s races. Will you be there?

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    141 miles with only 24 days of running. Feel GREAT already after not taking a step for 3 months! Looking for 250 in February. 141 is a lifetime record for January and 250 in Feb will probably be double what I’ve ever run! I believe I’ll also run my first EVER 20 miler (training run) this Feb…doh.

    I also run 1:00-1:15 per mile slower than MP.

    90 of those Jan. miles were on the treadmill also. 😯

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    My modest January distance was 150 miles training 4 days a week with the long run increasing from 10 to 16. Shorter runs are 6 to 8 miles either over hills at medium effort or flat course at hard effort.

    Hope to stay healthy for a 30k race late in March.



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    Warning: this is off topic.

    Hey Joel, just thought I’d let you know that I got a subscription to Silent Sports for Christmas. I hadn’t thought about blaming you for the snow melting, but after reading the new issue, now I do. 😈

    I can’t remember the authors name, but I loved the story about his wife wanting to throw out his old shirt and complaining about all his gear, etc. That was easy to relate too.

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    So, Zeke, you didn’t blame me then but you do now. Wjen will I learn to just keep my mouth shut? (Apparently never, so long as I keep posting here.)

    Yeah, that piece “The rags of races past are riches” by Bruce Steinberg was great. He’ll have another piece in the March issue about trying to balance training with child raising. It’s a goodie too.

    Enough self promotion. Let’s get back to loggin’ miles, mates!

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    Well jtpaten I’ve got ya beat for low mileage,~ 110! Thing is this is much more than I’ve ever done in my short marathoning career and I must admit the warmer than normal weather is to blame.

    With Boston ’07 as a goal, using a fall marathon, this type of mileage for me early in the year can only help. The dilemma is pace, I can’t seem to slow down, I’m consistently running 10-15 slower than projected MP for a BQ, I just can’t imagine 1-1.5 min slower. But I guess with all training ya just gotta do it. 😈

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