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    I had a pretty good month, especially compared to last year (50 miles for the month).

    I ran 28 out of 31 days, for a total of 186 miles. My pace for the miles was 7:37, which is probably a bit too fast. Since I’m still base building, this was a good first block to put in the foundation. Goal for February is to get the same # or slightly more miles, since there’s 3 less days in the month. Still planning on building, running fast when I feel like it, long when I have the time, and not shooting for any races until later in spring (Crazylegs, Sytennde Mai or Mad City 1/2 marathon). Just wish the foot pain would go away. Doesn’t bother me when I run, but aches fairly often at other times.

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    I feel I had a good month too… even with a low week (pulled back from moving boxes) I got 142 miles in… significantly better than last year when I slipped on the ice and pulled something groin related and had two weeks off…

    more importantly I am sticking with the coaching group I started with in April and back to weekly massages… feeling superbly confident with all the improvements last year…planning on my March marathon madness being another joyous occasion… then making this summer a big mileage build up and after that… well, we’ll see, don’t want to jinx the fall this early in the year…

    and thanks to all here who are supportive & inspirational


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    Wow Rita a weekly massage, lucky you!

    I finished up my first month of a 10K training plan. After 3 years of focusing only on marathons it’s a big change for me. I’ve never trained for shorter distances before & the speedwork is a mental & physical challenge.

    I’ve never been one for pushing myself but I’m learning I can take the discomfort and make it through the workouts.

    I’ll find out if it’s made a difference next month when I run some races.

    It’s been a month of learning for me.

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    Ed 1

    I had an ok month – a handful of great feeling runs. Finished off with a lowly 155 miles. Cannot wait until my program climbs higher and higher.

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    After tonights scheduled 6 mile recovery run I will have 310 miles logged for January. Almost all aerobic (with some miles at marathon pace every week).

    Started doing hills last week; that will continue for another 3 weeks.


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    I had my 2nd highest month ever with 314 miles. I only missed 1 day and ended up running 13 doubles.

    I have a half marathon this Saturday that I like to use as a benchmark for my winter fitness.

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    I had an ok month – a handful of great feeling runs. Finished off with a lowly 155 miles. Cannot wait until my program climbs higher and higher.

    Ed…compare your January to December, maybe you’ll feel better. While the miles may not be where you want them to be yet, it seems like you have been getting more consistent recently. That’s the first step.

    For me, I finished January with 268 miles, the highest total by 50 miles. I ran 25 days, with five of the six missed days planned rest days. I have considered going to seven days a week, but the training has been going really well. I think I’ll stick with the plan for Boston, then go to seven days for a fall marathon.

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    219 miles for January for me with 2 days off, January 25 and today. Although, I haven’t heard from my coach about my leg issue, he said he may have me jog 20-30 minutes later this afternoon if I go all day with no pain with walking, and it’s looking good thus far. 🙂

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    Well, all in all, it was a good start to the year. The first 2 days of the month were the last in a string of 10 days off due to a foot injury and so, it took some time to get back into things. However, after my 25 miles the first week back, I reeled off 45, 51, and 52. In the process I set a new personal record for miles in a week, miles in 2 weeks, and miles in 3 weeks. I hope to continue that trend this week. My mileage for the month is 173 plus whatever I do today (likely 8). February holds more of the same in the way of mileage and my first race of the year (10K on the 19th). My goal for the year is to run 2000 miles and set PR’s at 5, 10, and 15K at least so I feel I’m off to a good start!

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    Got in 226-227 miles with 3 days off. I raced twice. The 5k didn’t go well as I was needing shoes with better traction but the 4 miler went okay considering I’m building mileage and feeling a little sluggish. I’m hoping February will be as productive.

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    I finished off December pretty pathetically with a 20 mile week in there at the end. Even before that, I never really got going, topping out around 40-50 miles.

    January started up right where December left off. As of the morning of the third, I logged an impressive 0 miles. Then, I wanted to get serious as I began my first full training week of 2005. I have big plans for this year and the coming few years and I need the training to fulfill those plans. The first two weeks of the month, I started off great and fell off at the end of the weeks: 61/73. The third week, I never got going: 40. Finally, I just said it’s time to get going: 100. Today, I found out the non-running foot injury wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be yesterday and I got in an additional 17. That puts me at 291 for the month. I was hoping to be in the 300s but I guess I wasn’t that far off and now the motivation has hit.

    Not the greatest month but the trend is going in the right direction. From 0 miles in the first 2 days to 117 miles in the last 8 days.

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    Ed 1

    SwampTiger – your right about the consistency – miles will follow consistency. The more that I get out the more miles I’ll have to get. 😀

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    JCWrs wrote:
    I reeled off 45, 51, and 52. In the process I set a new personal record for miles in a week, miles in 2 weeks, and miles in 3 weeks. I hope to continue that trend this week.


    That’s great! You may want to considering taking a step back for a week to allow your body to adapt to the added stress. I know it’s hard to do when you’re adding mileage week after week and feeling great. However, it’s better to back off for a week because you want to (and still get in 30-40 miles) rather than because you have to due to an injury (and end up with a 0 in the log book).

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    I hear you Zeke. I have been very careful to keep the pace down because thats what tends to get me. I am hoping to do 2 more weeks at or above 50 and then cut-back a week (with a race at the end of that week), but I am paying close attention to myself and I won’t hesitate to back off this week or next if need be. However, last night I had 8 planned and just cruised on through 12 and, honestly, felt like going further (I didn’t because I didn’t want to push too hard and I needed to get home and get to sleep…it was getting near midnight). Thanks for the kind words and the warning…I do need to make sure to not over-extend myself, but so far so good!

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    I finished the month at 190.2 miles. I would have been over 200, but I missed a run on the 27th (family commitment) and on the 31st (dental surgery). Still it was a good month overall. I raced a 10K on the 30th, finishing in 40:22. It was a four second PR, but a sub-40 10K still eludes me. I have another 10K on February 13, so maybe I’ll get it then.

    Overall, January had some good–I ran almost 40 miles more than I did in January 2004 (154), plus I’m healthly and motivated to run. It also had some mild negatives–even though I’m getting in the miles, I haven’t been diligent enough about getting in any type of specific training (speedwork or hills) in preparation for a February 27 half marathon.


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    January was a pretty good month for me. I ended up at 305.95 miles. That it the most miles I have ever run in a month. Hopefully all the training pays off in 2 weeks.

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