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      OK, here’s the situation. I had e-mails with Laura’s friend’s information, including his e-mail address, and I had information for Woody, Lyons, and another friend of Woody’s. I had procrastinated on filling out entry forms and got burned. Last weekend, when the server change that wiped out the old forums occurred, I lost all of this information. Laura and Woody, I’m terribly sorry but I lost all the information. Could you please help me out?

      As for the rest of Team Hillrunner.com, here’s who I have so far. If you are not listed, please get your information to me ASAP. Depending on Peter’s decision, I’d like to have all of this together no later than November 28th.

      Who I have so far:

      Double (entry form and money)

      Kooch (entry form)

      Again, here’s what I need on the entry form:





      Phone (day/eve) – I’ll assume this is optional

      E-mail – I’ll assume this is optional

      I’m assuming everyone is doing the 10k run

      T-shirt size doesn’t matter since we’re not getting shirts

      Permission for a ghost signature of the waiver

      The entry fee is $15. If you can’t get the money to me when you get the entry information to me, please bring it to the race.

      Again, I’m sorry about what happened. Thank you for your understanding and thank you all for representing Hillrunner.com on race day!

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      I sent you the info, please let me know if you received it.



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      Jeff, I got your info. I’ll get an entry form filled out this evening.

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      no problem

      I’ll get the info and pass it on later this week

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      Laura Clark-Taylor


      I sent his e-mail cc: to you hopefully he responds in time for the cut off.

      It was great to see that Double did so well at the Worlds 100K.

      The conditions were gruesome. He ended up being second American finisher in a little over 10 hours. Way to go Dave. The Big Hammer did well too. (Ann Heaslett)


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      Weird thing is – 3 weeks ago I could barely run at all, with the horrible foot pain I had. When I started back up I had the hardest time breaking 8 minutes for 1 mile (somewhat expected). I’ve run 1-2 speed workouts per week just to see if I could possibly ‘whip’ myself into racing form, and it seems to be working!

      This morning I ran a solo 5K TT on the road in 18:05! It felt really good, and the splits were great (5:54, 5:50, 5:46). Might have been faster if I’d actually run in the daylight

      I would have to guess this means my base from the last year has really benefited me in the long run (no pun intended). Merv rates this effort exactly equal to my 37:58 10K from July.

      I will probably run Jingle Bell, and will email you Ryan by the 28th to let you know for sure. There are some family health issues right now that could impact my being there. Thanks!


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      Peter, I didn’t pick up at the other forum the pattern to those splits. Very nice. I’m sure your base is paying off. Just don’t spend too much time relying on history. That’s how people tend to get burned.

      Obviously, the health issues come first. I wish you and your family the best as you work through these health issues. The race will still be around next year if things don’t work out this year.

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      Sorry, but I don’t think I’m going to make it.

      I’d love to hang out with you guys, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to workout.

      Besides, coach Lydiard just has me working on my base right now – no racing. 😉

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      Zeke, that’s cool. I think we all know that Jingle Bell is low on the priority list of most of us.

      However, doesn’t Coach Lydiard say something about tempo runs during base phase when you’re feeling good? 😉

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      However, doesn’t Coach Lydiard say something about tempo runs during base phase when you’re feeling good?

      Really? I must have missed that. I thought he said something like, once anaerobic training starts, you need to keep it up. I doubt one race would hurt, but it’s tough to get away for a race that’s 4 hours away.

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