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      Lets post ’em here!

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      I wasn’t sure whether I’d run this or not. The weather reports were looking pretty nasty, with 25 mph winds. Either the trails would be sloppy due to recent snowfall or we’d be regulated to roads. Plus, I was concerned I might be tired from my 10/14/10 Tues-Wed-Thurs combo and reaching for 70 miles for this week, a milestone I hadn’t reached in nearly a year.

      However, the weather turned better, with winds expected to be about 14 mph. I felt pretty good on Saturday morning at 5:45AM so I got up and headed on out the door after fueling up.

      I decided to take a new route to the Mackey picnic aread, which is just next to the Scuppernong trails. The roads were a bit snowy and I got lost. I ended up getting there 10 minutes before the start, almost enough time to get registered and use the facilities and stow my gear. At my car I saw the pack running towards me and I walked past them towards the start. I don’t know if I got to the exact start but I was at the back of the pack and as they walked past me I asked where the start was. They said I was at it. Good enough for me. After they passed I started a slow jog.

      My goal on the day was three laps. I intended to run the whole way to get in a good hill workout. My longest run time wise had been 2 hours 15 minutes, a 16 miler in conditions similar to today. I had done a 16.75 mile run last Sunday in 1 hour 59 minutes.

      I like starting from the back and going slow in the beginning. It’s nice to pass the people and not feel pressured to run fast. The way out was a breeze but I was working two big uphills very hard on the way back. The course is a 6 mile out and back, 3 miles one way and then 3 miles going the opposite direction. So you get to see alot of the other runners, which is kind of cool, as they are a very friendly bunch. From I recognized Double, LLL, and Cameron, although Cameron was so bundled up I didn’t know it was him the first time or two that I went by him.

      At the end of the six mile ‘loop’ (not really a loop, it’s out and back) there is an aid station. They had warm chicken broth, cookies, water, soda, beer, all sorts of stuff. It’s also where the people who were smarter than me had left a drop bag. Fortunately, I was ok. It was maybe 25 degrees and the wind was not a factor for me. I had four layers on top, probably one too many for somebody who was running the whole way. I also had four layers around my crotch to prevent FPS, and tights.

      I spent plenty of time in the aid station. I got passed by a couple of people while I was in the aid station but I wasn’t racing. Most of the time I was in 6th or 7th place. I probably spent 3 minutes or so each time at the aid station, refueling and relaxing.

      While it was a beautiful day, the course was treachorous in parts. It seemed to get worse as the day went on, or maybe my leg muscles were getting more tired of dealing with the slipping and sliding. Again, the people who were smarter than me had modified there shoes for the conditions while I hadn’t.

      The second lap went by uneventfully. The third lap was nearly done when I went down. I turned my right ankle and sprawled forward. I laid there for about 5 or 10 seconds, looked around to see if anybody saw (whew! nobody did! The ego is intact!) I knew that if I didn’t try to walk and run on it soon that it would stiffen up and then I’d be done for good. So I got up and started walking, then jogging and finally running. It wasn’t too bad and I kept concentrating so as to not aggravate it. I had nearly turned my left ankle at least 5 or 6 times before the right ankle.

      So I finshed with a DNF, making sure they knew I’d DNf’d so that they wouldn’t send out a search party. At the aid station I had some cookies and the best tasting cola I’ve had in a long time. It really hit the spot. I had to walk about a mile to my car and during that time I got chilled to the bone. I had considered sticking around and having some chili and cheering others on, but I was so cold that I need a hot shower and bath to feel good again. So, with the rest of my clothing on (now six layers on top) and the heater on high I drove home.

      All in all, this was a well produced run and I highly recommend to everyone except those with weak ankles. My ankle feels pretty good now.

      Whoever had the tip on vaseline on the face, thanks! I tried it and it worked great. My face didn’t feel cold and it didn’t look all wind burned afterwards.

      My time was 3 hours and 6 minutes for 18 miles. Subtracting 6 minutes for time spent in the aid station that works out to 3 hours and 10 minute miles. My splits were 50 minutes, 1:03, and 1:13. I really slowed down quite a bit and need to work on my endurance. Of course, turning my ankle the third loop didn’t help and the time in the aid station is added on to the 2nd and 3rd time. I’d be interested in seeing what other peoples splits were.

      Lets hear those other race reports!

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      Laura Clark-Taylor

      Double and Rick Stefanovic tied for first. They were awesome to watch and yes they lapped me. At first there was one or two fast guys out there in the lead but did not finish. (What is up with that?)

      Ann Heaslett ran a quick and steady pace inspite of the fun conditions and took first for the Women. My goal was to keep from being lapped by her and I made it.

      It was good to see Peace 467 and Cameron too.

      I was running with Tom Bunk and Jason Dorgan the first two laps. I ran ahead of them for allittle while and ran out of fuel. At this point, after three laps, I decided to take one lap at a time and access mobility ability after each lap. After some nourishment and Ibuprophen I set off into the fourth lap. I regained some energy and started to feel better. My last lap might have been my fastest.

      I do remember Robb Linnestroms running with me in the first lap. He had some reminiscing stories of the Lakefront 15K.

      I can’t remember the premise of one of the statements that someone made or who made it but it went something like ” Back when Men were Men and Women appreciated them” I was thinking to myself but did not want to open up anything that could be misinterpreted, “Now it’s Women are Women and Men are Nervous.” This may be one of those statements that make better sense if you where there.

      I finished in 6:13 including the stops. Thankyou Dave for waiting for me at the finish. It felt very good to be done.

      I also want to thank my Husband Gene, Brenda Bland, Janice Beers and all the Vollunteers for their added support and much needed attention.

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      This was one tough run. Toughest conditions I have ever ran in bar none. It was like running through, well, 4-5 inches of slippery snow. This wasn’t a race, it was a survival contest. I was using muscles I didn’t know I had and found ways to blister my feet I never thought possible.

      I ran 4 loops w/ Rick and Clem and then Clem dropped back at the beginning of the fifth loop. We ran each loop in just about 59 minutes w/ the 4th in about 57. We just ran a steady pace the whole way and I don’t believe Rick or I ever had thoughts of duking it out. It would have been pointless. To run any faster would have been a monumental waste of energy.

      I knew after one loop that the next days run was trashed. I feel okay, but my blistered feet and sore lower legs call for an easy week. There was no way to run this event and not feel tired. Anyone disagree?

      This was the second largest starting group ever at John Dick. Not sure how many finished, but I left after Tom and LLL finished. I saw Doug from Racine and then Julie T. coming in as I was leaving.

      The guy who was leading was running about 5 minutes a loop faster than we were. On the 4th loop out I saw him walking and figured he was done. We had gained 4 minutes on him by then. Like Clem said, “If he can hold that pace, he DESERVES to win this thing.”

      Alex Swenson was behind us on the first loop, but got out ahead after the first aid stop. We caught him at about 3.3 loops and he said he was done after four. I told him to “climb on the peace train” because no one runs four and stops. He hung on tough and finished just a couple minutes back of Clem.

      LLL was always smiling, Peace was always throwing out encouragement, and Jerry looked like he is getting ready to kick tail this year.

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      i woke up at 5:45 and laid in bed…pondering whether i should go back to sleep and run on my own later in the day or head out to the trails. i figured that time would pass more quickly if i were out with others so i got my gear and headed out to the kettle. the temps were comfortable and the wind wasn’t much of a factor in the woods. (i only can claim three layers of clothes to protect against “cheeto” 😆 ) i started slow in the back of the pack and just kept it comfortable for the first loop. i began to move up through the second loop and into the third i began feeling real rubber legged. on that third loop, i jumped back on the road near the mackie shelter and packed it in for the day in around 3:25. i called it 16.5 miles in my log. my AVG HR was 166 for the run, which was a little higher than i like it to be (155-160 is ideal for me). the trail conditions were awful in my opinion, but it was a nice change from running around waukesha.

      regardless, i’m amazed at how folks looked like they “floated” on the snow…especially ann heaslet, LLL, Double, Peace & Stefanovic. it was great to see you guys out there. sorry i didn’t hang out much later…i headed home for a well deserved nap. (and a 2/3 lb fudruckers burger for dinner!!)

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      Ahhhh….nothing like the joy of a colon replacement burger. I had the Norm burger at Cheers after Boston. That thing was the size of your head, ask Pski.

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      Way to go you Slow-Twitch Endurance Studs! 😀

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      Great job you guys. I did my long run on bike paths with packed snow and was bitching about the footing on that. I don’t know how you guys can run on that surface. Sounds like a great strength workout.

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      Great run DD and Stefanovic. Hats off to others who braved the conditions. I wimped out big time. It’s obvious I’m having motivation crisis’. Tired of the cold, weight balloning out of control again. I did opt for a 90 minute run at Minooka with Jamie Walz on Sunday morning. The wind was nasty, but trails are plowed. Weekend got too hectic too, kids are taking over the agenda. Basketball, swimming, orchestra, unreal. I sent in my application for NYC Marathon, so it should hit me some time soon, that this train needs to leave the station. PSKI

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      …do i need to extend my winning streak on your sorry @ss to four? lay off the doughnuts and get out the door and run!


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