Joint pain that goes away during the run.

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    Can anyone please explain why my knee would hurt at an fairly decent level but then stop hurting about 2-2.5 miles into the run and not hurt even 7 miles later but until going up and down stairs the next day? I can do squats (no weight) with no pain but stairs hurt and the begining of every run hurts. What is the deal? 😕

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    something that hurts at the beginning but ‘warms up’ could be a sore/stiff muscle (displaced pain)… you can follow the RICE & Ibuprofen route and it might work itself out…

    so without any medical certificate and not knowing if you’ve any other health issues.. that’s my advice… few runners want to hear ‘take time off’ and in the case of a hurt that ‘warms up’ it should not be necessary…

    on the other hand… I’ve been using a massage therapist who ran in HS and has started again, does sports massage, continually goes to seminars, find me stretches & strength building exercises for prevention and has recently suggested a visit to a chiropractor for what I thought was a slight hip problem… well that is gone (and a few other things too) and I’m amazed at how much better I feel…

    for me it’s kind of like having an unbiased and yet knowledgeable opinion on my health… the best thing is that she has done is to explain how a twinge in one leg may be a problem of compensation and the REAL problem is the other leg/hip/whatever…

    and KNEE is sort of vague… front, side, under the knee cap..?

    good luck…


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