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    i rolled 200 miles on 28 days of running. how'd everyone else do?

    June – 200
    YTD – 897
    Odometer – 23,235


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    And how did June go for you Cameron? 😉

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    My injury has levelled off over the past month with no significant change.  On a positive note the injury is allowing me to slowly build my mileage back up with no increased discomfort after not being able to train for an entire year. Here are my totals for the month of May and June:

    (3 days a week)

    Short term goal for end of Jul is to build up to 30 min of running, 3 days a week, with decreased discomfort.  At this point I am able to run 20 min continuously on 3 days of running.

    Have a great weekend everyone!!

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    June was mostly taper down and off time for me. 

    133 miles with Grandma's marathon.  I'm not sure where I'm going with my training yet.  I may do Twin Cities, but need to know I can get in first.  I may just train for 5K, 10K type races and race a half or 2 also.  Either way I plan on ramping back into hopefully the 70 mpw range by the end of July.  We'll see how things go. 

    133 miles for the month  (17 days of running)
    1323 for the year 

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    With 20 days of running, I logged 188 miles or 47 per week for the month of June. That's up from May (164.5 miles) to where I was in April (184 miles).

    I'm 6 weeks into Pfitz's 18/55 program which means next week will be my first 50 mile week. (So far, I've not exceeded 49.25 in a single week.)

    It will be an especially killer week given the Keewenaw Trail Running Festival in the U.P. July 8-9: Three races in two days, including a 10K and 5-mile hill climb on Saturday and a 25K on Sunday. A fellow WORS Trail Series runner described the KTRF to me as “diabolical.”

    Holy crap.

    I guess I should savor the current ratcheted down 40-mile week. Then I'll ease into next week as I fixate on all the pain to come ….

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    June started out so great… a couple 60 mile weeks following a great month in May… but then the rest of my life caught up with me… two graduations, end of school stuff and the weather getting hotter…and my back gave out…

    so almost a week off…

    but still 225 miles and the best news is that I've lost a few pounds, started back at track and I'm feeling good right now… pointing towards Philly – Nov.19


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    I am just beginning to run consistently again after about 9 months off due to a combination of injuries and changes at work and home.

    I've only been getting consistent in the past couple of weeks, and I found myself lurking back here again. I thought I would go ahead and post.

    June: 93 miles; 13 days (Two doubles running 9 miles round-trip to work.)

    85 miles were in the last two weeks. The running highlight occured near the beginning of the month. I participated in a team triathlon. Our team placed third. I was able to contribute a bit by catching 2-3 people on my leg — overtaking third place in the final 25m.

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    June was 214 miles after 216 in May.  I focused on longer intervals (800m and up) and hills, ran 31 times on 29 days and finished two prep races, a 5:04 mile and a 5:05 1600m.  I am planning three more races in July with a goal race of the Capitial Mile on July 23rd.  In July, I will transition to shorter intervals and less mileage as I peak. 


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    213 miles for me, feeling normal.  I missed my last run of the month yesterday because I fell asleep when I got home from work, just too damn tired; dont you hate it when work gets in the way of a perfectly good week 🙂  At this point Im well over 1000 mi for the year!

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    204 miles in June after 204 miles in May.  However, June had one less day in it so it's actually a slight improvement.

    Got some good workouts in, including some track workouts.

    Paced a 100 mile runner for their last 19 miles through the Southern Kettle Morraine at night.  That was alot of fun.

    Ran SuperRun 5K in a not too bad 18:48. 

    Looking forward to the FireCracker 4 in Hales Corners and a 10k on the 21st in July.  Also, keeping up the mileage and adding in some more speed workouts.

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    30 runs, 274 miles. I reached base mileage last week (90's). The 2 months since racing in May was slow recovery runs with a gradual buildup in mileage over the last few weeks. I'm also doing strides a couple of times a week, with a faster run if it rains or on cooler days.

    I plan to maintain this volumee until Jan when I start hill work and drop mileage to mid 70's. With a 6 month base phase I'm running more relaxed. Not wearing a watch right now but pace is way off. Probably 40-60 secs/mile slower than only a few months ago.

    Part of the slow down is the heat, but some is because I'm being lazy. I have a long way until I race. Right now I'm happy just getting comfortable at the new mileage; I'll worry about pace later.


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    231 miles and four races
    17:17 5k
    4:56 1600 m
    35:34 10k
    4:54 mile

    I cross country skied all winter and didn't get back into running much until late April. Will continue buildup in prep for Sept Marathon (a rugged trail race, that includes a 2000' climb and more).

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    June was a month to get back into the running mode after the Cleveland Marathon,
    May 23.
    For June
      total  164 miles
      long run 14 miles
      best week 41 miles
    At my daughters' in Murrieta, CA for the summer, lots of hills to run, alot different than flat Warren, Ohio.
    5K race on the 4th with my daughter in Huntington Beach, it's her first race ever. It'll be fun for the both of us.
    Have a great and safe 4th everyone. Ski

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    I don't have exact numbers calculated but I had approximately 360 miles on I believe 41 or 42 runs on 29 days running. Pretty much hit all my training goals for June.

    I waited until today to post because I felt like today's run completed the training I focused on for June. Over the past two weeks, I had 200 miles with 56 of those miles coming in 4 trips to Lapham Peak. I feel like the base and the strength are now adequate, though not all they could be, for the fall racing season. Now, I just have to pound out the intensity for a couple of months and see what I can do with the base and strength I currently have.

    Racing for July starts Tuesday. I think I'm going to see what I've got at the Firecracker 4 and I would like to find another race later in the month, I'll have to see what might fit into the schedule.

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    June Miles: 378.4
    Avg/Week: 88.2
    Avg Pace: 7:45
    Runs: 42
    YTD Total: 2128.0
    Avg/Week: 83
    Avg Pace: 7:51

    2128 miles in 6 months…which is more than I did in all of 2003 when I did my first 2 marathons. June was a pretty good month, I ran 28/30 days (and PR'd in a 5k with my first sub 18 minute 5k. All on base mileage and doing only tempo runs for any sort of speed work. July will be more of the same, I'm getting closer to starting the real marathon training but am not there yet.

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    262 miles on 23 days running. 

    My June was similar to Rita's.  It started out great, but then I missed a couple of days due to dental surgery and then took a couple more days off just because I got used to being lazy.  The good news is that July is off to a good start.


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    Miles for the month: 164

    Miles for the year: 937 year

    Races run in June: Zero[0]

    What's your next goal race? Parkersburg Half Marathon [August]


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