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    Andrew A.

    No such thing as too much fun, yet the piper expects payment.  Though this past week of running totaled a mere 5.33 hours (and 41 miles), the hard:easy ratio was likely too high.  I raced a 10K on Monday, ran the Wednesday morning group tempo, raced a mile* on Thursday, and then ran some tough trails on both Friday and Saturday.  My quads are trashed and I have been riding the foam roller like a PBR vet.  It has been really fun, though.  Bolder Boulder was on one of the nicest mornings I have seen in about ten times racing it.  I started with my wave this year and ran about as well as I should have, given that I am just starting to get fit again and have run no workouts yet.  I ran four seconds faster than last year, so the nice weather conditions and not having to weave past people in the final 3-4 miles were clearly a boon.  It is simply a fun race to run, regardless — I really like racing through the streets of Boulder, this is my home.  My splits for the last two years, this year's were clearly comparatively erratic:
    Mile  2011  2012
    1      6:09  6:06
    2      6:13  6:10
    3      6:23  6:24
    4      6:13  6:18
    5      6:09  5:59
    6      6:19  6:24
    The Lucky Pie Mile in Louisville was a lot of fun, too, though it sure hurt.  It was my first time to race in this popular biannual series and I suspect I will be back for subsequent editions.  As with Bolder Boulder, I raced without a watch and I got out as hard as I dared (see: no workouts comment above) yet a couple of guys were hot on my heels as we formed the chase pack behind the lead pack led by teammate James Johnson.  They stayed right on me through the 800m mark and then blew past me on the way to the finish.  I have not seen the results yet so am not sure of either place or time, though the clock was close to 5:10 as I crossed the finish line.  It was a nice taste of lactic acid and I must have coughed for about an hour following the race.  I had a good time chatting over a delicious Avery brew with James and Jeffry, our training mate from the Wednesday runs, as well as some of our fellow competitors — lots of nice guys and gals at this race.  I also got to meet a former college teammate of my buddy Matt, Leah, over the weekend and it was great getting to spend some time with a very inspiring, fun, and classy person and athlete.  Finally, I attended Matt's wedding last Saturday.  It was really cool to see him and his wife in such a state of euphoria as well as to catch up with so many of our fellow amigos and amigas.

    *The course for that Lucky Pie mile was definitely rather short.

    Live links and photos here: http://fleetfeetboulderracing.blogspot.com/2012/06/no-such-thing-as-too-much-fun.html

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    Love the update.  That first line really did give a great description of the text to follow.  That was a perfect lead-in.

    It is too bad that the mile was short – it sounds like you still had a great time racing so that is good.

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    Good racing and it sounds like a fun week all around. Thanks for sharing.

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    Andrew A.

    Gracias, guys.

    It is too bad that the mile was short

    In retrospect, it is ultimately not a big deal at all as we all could preview the course before the race, so none of us should have been surprised.  Not like I was racing for time, anyway.  8)

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    Nice race  Andrew!!!

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