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    I’m thinking of running this on June 5th as I did last year. I did an epic crash and burn for an 18:34 and was wondering if anyone had any solid advice to offer?

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    You could shave 10 seconds off if you don’t stop this time and hug me 😛 .

    I will be a volunteer again this year. I may even pace somebody.

    Rest good before saturday. I don’t know about 100 miles but when I did allittle biking the wednesday before the 50K, my legs felt pumped up.

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    I can’t stop admiring those who can run ONE HUNDRED MILES. That’s… outrageous.

    No advice, just a wish: good luck!

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    well…if you need a pacer…i’m yer huckleberry!!!

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    Ed 1

    How the hell do you run 100 miles? Do you take breaks – walk for a number of miles? HOW THE HELL????????????? Dazed and confused I am. At most I could see 50 miles but 100????????????????

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    How the hell do you run 100 miles?


    Double doesn’t run 100 miles, he races.

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    Seeing as I bonk in any race ranging from 5k to the marathon, the only advice i can give would be start out really fast because thats all i know.

    So based on that I would not take any advice from me.

    I would say good luck, but i think luck and running 100 miles have notta one thing in common.

    Some day whenever I’m a better runner and i grow some balls I would like to try an ultra, there seem to be good number of them in Texas.

    If you ever come down to run in any of them i’d be more than happy to run support for ya.

    Have fun…

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    Hey, I thought you were taking a break after the 50 miler you maniac! 😯

    First option (semi solid advice): I know you’re probably going for the win, but maybe turn down those afterburners a little and take it out a bit slower. I noticed that the guy that finished in second place last year was 35 minutes behind you at the 100k mark but finished 20 minutes ahead of you at the end. He also only lost 30 sec/mile between 100k and the finish. I believe you run better from behind anyway. Use that to your advantage.

    Second option (not so solid advice): Run really fast for 50, take a nap and run really fast again! 😈 You recover faster than anyone I know anyway!

    Third option (????): Find two or three other nuts and do the relay instead.

    Whatever you do, good luck!!!


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    LLL, I believe the hug may have been the highlight of the event outside of seeing the finish.

    Jerry, you were one awesome pacer last year. Are you up for the whole 38 this year? I was contemplating going solo, but if you want to do it all that would be cool.

    Finnigan, I just may get to Texas and do Sunmart one of these years.

    Ed, naturally you walk some, but it isn’t a whole lot. Although the last 20 miles is at a pace slightly over walking. Partly because it’s dark in those woods.

    Linz, I was looking at that slowing down option. Notice how I redeemed myself against the 2nd place guy in the 100 by beating him by one spot at Ice Age. Now we are even.

    Zeke, that’s the problem, racing them. All I ever see is the trail 10 feet in front of me.

    I’ll make decision to run or not by Friday.


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    38? sure! i was hoping to get some experience running in the dark on the trails…sounds like a hoot! should i pack a lunch? 😆

    looking at the pace you ran for the last 38M in 2003 i should be able to hang in there pretty well. i’ve been out on those trails more often now so i should be of some help late in the race. lemme know if you’re in.

    on the other hand…would it be wise for me to consider taking a stab at the 100K? my weekly miles this spring weren’t very high by ultra standards. the guy who finshed the IAT50 a minute ahead of me finished the 100K in 13.5 hours last year…

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    you in? should i pack a lunch?

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    I’m out. Too much other stuff going on right now and it isn’t running related. Keep the faith.


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