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    31st Knoxville Expo 10K was on Saturday.  Mid 60's and overcast, light wind from the north.  Time- 36:13.  I was hoping for mid 35's but can't complain about the effort.  I gave it everything I had, that was just what I could muster that day. 

    The first mile is a gradual downhill and the last mile is a gradual uphill.  Middle 4 miles are very gently rolling, basically flat.  Pre race I was really focusing on taking it out in control 5:45-5:50 and then 11:30-11:40 for two miles.  I was confident I had the strength to bring it home in 5:45's from there.  Miles one and two were actually 5:35 and 5:39 so I was close to where I wanted to be but didn't feel like my legs had much pop.  Mile 3 included a downhill turnaround on wet pavement, which threw of my rhythm but I don't think as much as the people around me.  Miles 3, 4, and 5 were 5:52, 5:52, 5:53.  I was happy with the consistency, but just couldn't get it going any faster.  The last uphill mile just about did me in but I kept it together to go 7:20 over the last 1.2 (about 6:05 pace I think.)  I was catching jogging and walking 5K'ers at this point who were content to take up the whole road.  It made for a little disruption, but actually kept me focused and took my mind off my dead legs. 

    My only complaint for the race was the cops who were letting traffic cut through the spaces between runners.  I'm glad and thankful to all volunteers and police who help make these races possible, but I wish he had a better idea of how fast some of us were coming.  I had to check up and wait for a tour bus to clear an intersection before I could proceed.  Oh well, life happens.

    I'm still working towards a one mile time trial (probably on July 4th, the one year anniversary of me getting off my lazy butt) that I hope to complete in less than 5 minutes.  I've been getting in some good track work.  Everything from 200-mile repeats, ladders, R, I, and T pace.  You name it, I'm doing it.  Except for much hill work.  I really need to committ to it.  I'm going to back off a little for the next two weeks then hit it hard mid to late June for my final sharpening.  Thanks for reading.

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    Good job. That's a solid tune-up on your way to a sub-5 mile.

    My only complaint for the race was the cops who were letting traffic cut through the spaces between runners.

    This is actually a common problem for RDs. The police want to disrupt traffic as little as possible and don't see it as a big deal to allow a few cars through between runners. Most RDs, concerned for the safety of the runners and understanding how difficult it can be for a runner to be interrupted like that, want a closed course to be strictly closed. Unfortunately for the runners, sometimes the police win out. I'd suggest bringing this to the attention of the RD, in as cordial of a way as you did here and while praising the aspects of the race that you feel went well (you'll get better results by cordially requesting a change of one aspect while praising other aspects than you will by blasting off a complaint-filled message), so the RD is aware that runners were affected by traffic being allowed to cross the course between runners. While results may or may not happen, a good RD will at least raise the issue with the police and request that cross-traffic not be allowed through between runners.

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    WI MTP

    Nice effort – “less than one year after getting off your lazy butt” – maybe a tad fast 1st 2 miles might be the difference from a high 35, but we will never know – way to hang tough.  I would guess very soon just going sub 36 will not be good enough – as you will be working on lower numbers.

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