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    long time no post.  i spotted Woody out at the half way mark and Dana helped roll my rear down lincoln memorial drive.  the weather was great for much of the race but when the clouds hid the sun, the headwind felt awful cold.  regardless, this was my 20th marathon and 4th boston qualifier.  (i only had 40 seconds to spare!!)  my dad finished in 5:00:00 for his 12th.

    overall place: 117 out of 2013
    division place: 20 out of 174
    gender place: 109 out of 1161
    chip time: 3:15:19
    pace: 7:27
    half: 1:34:02 (153rd place)
    mile 20: 2:25:05 (123rd place)
    gun time: 3:15:21 (117th place)

    1M 7:01 7:01
    2M 7:01 14:02
    3M 7:18 21:20
    4M 6:57 28:18
    5M 7:30 35:48
    6M 7:20 43:09
    7M 7:02 50:11
    8M 7:08 57:20
    9M 7:05 1:04:25
    10M 7:14 1:11:39
    11M ~7:10 1:18:49
    12M ~7:10 1:26:00
    13M 7:14 1:33:15
    14M 7:15 1:40:30
    15M 7:20 1:47:51
    16M 7:15 1:55:06
    17M 7:26 2:02:33
    18M 7:28 2:10:01
    19M 7:21 2:17:23
    20M 7:42 2:25:06
    21M 7:53 2:33:00
    22M 7:53 2:40:54
    23M 7:56 2:48:50
    24M 7:54 2:56:45
    25M 8:14 3:04:59
    26M ~8:38 ~3:13:37
    26.2M ~1:44 3:15:21

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    Great job.  You moved up in rankings throughout the race – that shows you ran the race very well – no fading compared to the field.

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    Cameron, did the conditions make the second half more difficult than the first? It looks like a lot of people must have faded fairly badly in the second half when I consider the Lakefront course to be favorable to negative splits (not that I've run negative splits there so maybe I just don't know).

    Either way, good run. It's always good to be passing more than getting passed.

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    thanks ed & ryan  ;D

    my perception was that the 5-10 mph headwind slowly took it's toll on folks.  plus, the clouds rolled in during the 2nd half of the race and it felt like the temperature dropped significantly.

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    congrats on your BQ!!!!

    I see that another sometime poster, did really well too

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    Congrats Jerry on getting that BQ.  Hopefully we can run together in April. I'm not going to take too much away from you and your accomplishments, but after mile 15 my wheels came off.  1:28 going into the half and right where I wanted to be.  Then come Mile 15 I couldn't feel my feet (not a good sign).  I almost gave up, but I ran/walk the rest for a 3:15 and change.  I only hope I helped you around Lake Drive – – – I tried to block the wind for you as long as I could 🙂

    GREAT JOB at sticking with it the last 4 miles.

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    thank you sue  ;D

    dana – i really appreciated the help.  like you were saying…in a marathon, you've got to respect the distance.

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    congrats on your BQ!!!!

    I see that another sometime poster, did really well too

    Thanks Sue – and congrats right back to you for Fox Cities. ;D

    Nice job out there Dana and Cameron – and I agree with the wind. I didn't “notice” it until I hit the downhill at mile 23 – and that just felt like a wall. The only complaint I have is that last mile, it was pretty much impossible to finish strong wiht all the running on and off of grass and then the constant zig zags. I wish they ahd just moved the finish and let you run straight down and then back and stayed on pavement.

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    Corina, as I stated elsewhere, heck of a job and, if I were in position to have that dilemma, I'd take the win over the PR any day.

    I just realized after looking over the Wisconsin marathon honor roll, we have the top two female masters marathoners in Wisconsin and two of the top four overall female marathoners in Wisconsin right here. What an honor.

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    Congrats!  Your the goods.


    If I had ten of you, we'd control the world.  Or would have worked with half of them.


    The human shield.  Cameron and I have met over this and you are now The Legend.

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    Cammeron, Great job to finish strong vs the wind and all. Congrats to both you and Dana. Hope to see and meet the both of you in Boston this April. Ski
    PS Dana, did you run in the Elixer 3's if so how did they work out for you? 

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    I did run in the 3's.  I like the shoes and felt really good going into the 1/2 way mark.  I was on track to get my time of 2:56, but after mile 15 my feet started to get numb.  I don't know if it was the shoes or just one of those days.  Because of that the wheels started to fall off and the motivation took a tank.  So I ended up with a 3:15 and some change; not what I was looking for, but not a complete failure.  There's always next time.

    So the shoes – – – I'm still ok with them.  I like the 2's better, but the 3's are above par.

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