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    Sorry, I know this isn't running related, but I'm in the midst of final exams and I feel the need to vent a little…

    I've spent a little over 100 hours a week at the library for the past 3 weeks!! I'm averaging 15 hours a day there, so needless to say I havent had the opportunity to go running in a while. What a friggin set back. I don't even wanna think about the damage that will be done to my pace and what it will take to get it back to where it was…

    P.S. The 5 minutes I spent writing this is the longest break I've had since 7am

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    It will take some time but it will come back faster than you expect. Just make sure you remember that distance running is all about patience.

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    Although Running is a good thing, I think Law School will be more important to your future as a whole  😉

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