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    We should have some type of daily run thread or daily/weekly competition to bump up our motivation. What ideas do you all have? Let’s put something together.

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    sounds good to me, I’m in!

    any ideas of how? set teams, weekly teams, individual? lets work it out, I’ll put some thought into it and get back to ya.

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    I think if we start at least a daily game of sorts we could grow the group into a big enough deal to make something of it. I plan on leaving work early and doing a good 10 miles. 😯 Hopefully with some tempo work. 😕

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    …running-log.com. some of the regular’s here post their miles at the site. it’s been a real source of motivation for me to see what other’s are up to.

    zeke or ryan…can you point to the instructions for getting in on the hillrunner.com team?

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