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    This is my first time posting here, but I thought you might enjoy how one photographer set up a website for pictures of the Lincoln Marathon that was held on May 2nd (I got a 15 min. PR!)

    I know you took pictures of the Women’s OT last month and just wanted to share this cool site.

    Since there has been a ton of trolls over at runersworld and you may not remember me (Dan from Omaha), I’ll break it down like this:

    Go to

    Go to photos by gary dougherty

    BTW, the female winner came in at 2:54:57 and was at the OT last month. It’s reported she wanted to “go out and have some fun” after training so hard. She beat out the previous 7 time winner (Roxi).


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    Dan, thanks for the link. That is a very creative way to set up pictures. Unfortunately, the technology used for that is frowned upon by many webmasters and advisors due to slow download issues, as well as problems with indexing the pages.

    I have thought about ways to dress up picture pages and may give them some thought next time I put pictures on the website. I may experiment with some of the existing pages on my own computer but I don’t think I could bring myself to use that technology.

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    You bet. I could tell a lot of time must have been spent creating the site, a lot of time that runners don’t have 😛

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