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    The Suffolk County Half Marathon is this Sunday. I have a 24 mile lsd on the schedule for this weekend as well. The race starts about 7 miles from my home.

    Like last weekend I might run the race as part of my long run, doing the race at a relaxed pace, then running back home.

    My problem is it would be 27-29 miles and I dont know if I should run that long so close to my goal race. I have to look into the logistics of driving part of the way to the start. In any case I will be sure to run lsd pace throughout the run.

    Part of me wants to do this and part of me says just get out and do my usual long run. Of course that means, running all alone, looping back home once or twice for water, over the same roads I run every day of the week.

    Anyone think this is be a bad idea? Another possibility is to blow-off the long run and do the 1/2 as a tune-up race for the full marathon in 5 weeks.

    Which would be best keeping in mind my primary goal is the marathon 5 weeks from now?

    1. Just do the long run as usual (skip the 1/2)

    2. Run the 1/2 as a tune up race (skip the long run)

    3. Run the long run including the race at lsd pace

    If I do option 3 its likly I will have rest time while registering and waiting for the race start (probably 30 minutes or more) so the 29 miles will not be a continuous effort. More like 7,rest,13.1,short rest,7.


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    I would run the long run as normal– you just PR’d in a 5k don’t burn all your fuel out a month from the race stay fresh bro! I even like– run the long run as normal then 3-4 weeks out find a good 1/2 marathon and race that. it will give you 2 weeks from your 5k and also leave you 3 weeks from your thon– with a good idea of what shape your in.


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    Randy, I’m with Woody but for a different reason. You already had one long run where you had relatively long breaks during the run. While this isn’t a bad thing to do on occasion, it could be a mistake to make this routine. Get in a good long run without breaks this weekend, then move forward from there.

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    i’d show up and run the 1/2 at lsd pace then at the finish head back out to the 5.5 mark, turn around and come back. either that or i’d pre-register and run 5.5 before, the 1/2 then 5.5 more after. regardless, i’d take advantage of the water stops and having others to run with rather than going it alone.

    (personally, i’m running a ‘thon this wkend for training…)

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    I would stick to your original plan. 27-29 miles really isn’t a great idea, in my opinion.

    There has to be a better way to spice up your long run, you sound as if you are looking for a way to get away from the same roads, etc.

    I’m just not a fan of the 27-29 mile “training” run.

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    While I would enjoy the long run more if I did the 1/2 I need to keep focused on my May 2nd goal.

    I think I will follow Ryan’s advice and do the long run as usual. Taking breaks on a long run is a phobia of mine; to do it two weeks in a row is not a good idea.

    Besides we are finally expecting some spring-like weather this weekend. That should make the long run more enjoyable.


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    It’s interesting to read everyone’s ideas. You already know I think 24 is too far, so I definately think 27+ is too far, even with a couple of breaks.

    My suggestion would be to run a 5 mile w/up, do the half at MP – sort of a dress rehersal – then cooldown 3-4 miles.

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    I’d blister that half. Cut loose the bomb. Then I’d cut loose on another race three weeks from your race. Too many long runs wear a guy out.

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    I agree with Zeke.

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